Finance listens to investors, someone reports a scam – Corriere de Arezzo

Luca Serafini

The promise was to get fantastic profits by purchasing financial products linked to cryptocurrency operations: the tempting prospect was to generate monthly returns of up to 3%, but some are clearly not far away. Thus, from the complaints and reports of some investors, the activity of the Financial Guard in Arezzo has led, at the present time, to the registration of five suspects, all from Arezzo, accused of financial illegality in the suspects’ register. More than a hundred investors attended meetings at the hotel on the topic of bitcoin and word-of-mouth: most of them were from Arezzo and Siena.
Yesterday, under the coordination of the Public Prosecutor (Prosecutor Angela Maciello), searches were carried out against the five suspects, but they were also referred to three companies, two from Arezzo and one from Milan. The scam is not in dispute but there are actually two reports from investors who may be complaining about losing money. Starting in the next few days, Fiamme Gialle will be holding a converging series of customer hearings that the five suspects approached to form a more definitive picture of the situation. In these cases, you know, there is always a form of humility to overcome which sometimes obscures those who realize they have ended up being deceived. Of course, not everything has been verified yet, the stage is completely preliminary and the presumption of innocence is in effect, but the Economic and Financial Police Unit of Finance, led by Colonel Andrea Esposito, talks about “the illegal promotion of financial products, related to transactions in cryptocurrency, that has been committed illegally on the national territory, by an organization rooted in the Arezzo region, which took advantage of foreign companies located in Slovenia.”
According to the financiers, the research activity carried out by brokers for years was “widespread” and sometimes was carried out at events organized in luxury hotels in the city and in the region “in the absence of the required licenses”. On these occasions, “investments in virtual currencies such as bitcoin have been proposed by taking advantage of the generalized emotional wave through media coverage of the excellent financial returns that the sector is expecting.” With the prospect of attractive profits, investors were encouraged to make wire transfers to foreign accounts attributed to the Slovenian company. Financing adds that “another method of collection is to encourage customers to open personal wallets (electronic wallets for storing digital currencies) on special IT platforms, to manage cryptocurrency movements, with the aim of hijacking funds and then always transferring them to foreign countries.”
Dozens and dozens of investors who have decided to rely on this system, with a grand total of 3 million, represent different age and social groups, from families to businesses. Maximum concentration is in Saracen, followed by Palio, but clients have also been identified in other regions of Italy.
The Yellow Flames are now committed to removing all investors who accepted the invitation to buy bitcoin “and who are unaware of the crimes committed by the suspects.”
The Guardia di Finanza launches a real appeal to those who believe that they have participated in this type of “investment scheme”, to come forward to receive explanations and decide what to do in the event of a loss of funds. What has been confirmed so far could be just the tip of the iceberg, it is feared, of a major scam.

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