From VAR, to NFTs to esports. It will be a sold-out playoff because it attracts youngsters and has a formula that even Serie A would be enviable.”: All in Ghirelli

Padua footballAnd VerbalsaloAnd RenateAnd TristinaAnd lycoAnd Pro FreshlyAnd Juventus U23And PiacenzaAnd pergolet And Pro Patria in group A; AC ReggianaAnd Cesena FCAnd Virtus intellaAnd PescaraAnd Ancona MetalicaAnd GubbioAnd LuckyAnd Olympia And Cararis in group B; catanzaroAnd PalermoAnd AvellinoAnd monopolyAnd Virtus FrancavillaAnd FujiAnd TorresAnd Monterossi Tocia And Pickerno In Group C. Of these twenty-eight teams, the fourth team that will gain access to the Second Division will appear as they did, from first place in the standings. South TyrolAnd Modena And Barry.

The Lega Pro Qualifiers, Season 2021-2022, begin. From May 1 to June 12, more than a month and a half of matches will be watched with great interest by the fans of the respective teams and Italy who love football. Two knockout rounds in which the teams of their respective groups face off. Then he went to the draw with home and away matches from the national stage. Finally, the fourth final, or semi-finals and final which will always be played with matches played at home and away to determine the winning team. a Quirky but at the same time wonderfully organized Which will keep athletes glued to the video for a show worth watching.

Among the most interested in the event is the president of Lega Pro Francesco Ghirelli He will obviously be a neutral spectator and would like to say ‘good luck’ to all the teams that will soon join this new adventure. “The offer is guaranteed – he says – the hope is that more will be sold as it happened with 26,000 in Bari, 15,000 in Modena or more than 10,000 in Bolzano. It is the first time since the Covid emergency that we are back in the stadium at full capacity and we hope that This young formula that everyone wants to emulate will move as many people as possible.”

A formula that President Girelli defends with great enthusiasm because “it is a win and an exciting one, that attracts young people and above all guarantees the regularity of the tournament because it forces all the teams to play until the last minute of the last day.” In recent years, we’ve had great season endings, always unpredictable, and we’ve always fought it off. Every team has an interest in asserting itself because every playoff is a story in itself and everything will happen. It is no coincidence that even the major leagues are considering offering them.”

Many news that characterize the post season. They range from introducing VAR technology to the semi-finals and finals. There will be the introduction of NFT, a new way in which there is support for the world of writing for young people. Also for youngsters another attraction comes from the virtual esports tournament. Additionally, a new Brico sponsor confirms the interest surrounding this competition. “Innovations have to be introduced to bring youngsters closer to the championship – continues Ghirelli – they are missing out during the regular season and that is why it is necessary to have the courage to innovate. It’s not inconceivable that there will be a reshape of the championship in the future because we are still registering a little interest and a little appearance there. Football should reflect and not remain based on the logic of the past.”

The number one Lega Pro will, as has already been explained, be a neutral spectator. He wouldn’t cheer for anyone in particular, but he’s convinced the team he really deserves will go to the second division. “First of all, I would like to congratulate SudTirol, Modena and Bari – continues – the teams that deserve access to the intern. Usually the nominees are the teams that finished with the best place, but the unknowns are always there. There are the first qualifiers, some teams that travel on the wings of enthusiasm Whoever will have the most fuel in their bodies and the desire to live a dream will come to an end.”

Finally, a paragraph about Avellino: “He will play on an equal footing with the others despite the fourth place that disappointed the fans. There is an important businessman who knows what he wants and knows how to get it. In addition, Avellino is an important arena with a history in the Italian football anthology. I can only say “good luck” to Avellino. Like all the other teams.

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