I work here all professions with a future and without a future!

Work, here are the professions with a future and without a future!

The job market has changed for several years now. it’s time Especially for the advancement of digitization and automation. While developments in technology and technical sectors offer potential Reviving the economy and creating new business sectorsMany industries are facing major changes.

On the one hand, the coronavirus crisis – which is still ongoing – has accelerated digital change, which has increased the demand for skilled workers in many technical fields, and on the other hand, “traditional” companies are suffering: Shops, restaurants and travel agencies are closed.

The crisis brought about by the coronavirus pandemic is already starting to change and will continue to change the job market permanently as well. Let’s go now to discover together What professional fields and jobs have a certain future and which do not?.

I work with a certain future: Software Developer and UX Designer

Programmers and software developers They are among the most in-demand occupations in the labor market. The reason is that the demand for skilled workers is much higher than the supply. This has a huge impact on salaries.

A whole new UX designer career. UX means User ExperienceUX designers have a mission to make the user experience enjoyable, i.e. using digital products and offerings. Digital products must be Intuitive and hassle-free as possibleso that users have real added value.

User experience designers act as the interface between the product, the technology behind it, and the end customers – the users.

In all areas of our lives, the range of digital products (websites and applications) grows strong. For this reason, the demand for UX designers who ensure that users enjoy their use and additional experience, constantly increasing.

Endless Work: The Pharmacist

The work of a pharmacist has existed since the Middle Ages. Despite the continuous technological development, The work of the pharmacist will not age and will not become extinct with the passage of time.

To become a pharmacist, you need to register University College of Pharmacy. We remind you that since last 2021 the qualification exam for the profession of pharmacist has been cancelled. In short, it will be enough for you to attend 5 years of pharmacy school to get the qualification as well.

On October 28, 2021, the Senate finally approved AS 2305, which contains provisions on undergraduate degrees that qualify various professions, including the profession of pharmacist, which was turned into law on November 8, 2021.

New faces at work: here is the environmental engineer

It is no secret: new generations must, more and more, Finding ways and means to stop the excessive exploitation of the environment and the climateAbove all, try to keep as many areas of the Earth as habitable and usable as possible in times of climate change.

Environmental engineers are tasked with creating technology solutions to provide people, animals and plants with optimal habitats for living, but at the same time they are tasked with providing companies with ideas for economically sustainable production methods.

Environmental engineers will be sought in many regions of our planet in the near future, This makes the profession a safe job for years to come.

future work? Bioinformatics scientists and educators

There is a big one Need innovative drugs that relieve or treat diseases such as cancer or autoimmune diseases. In bioinformatics, natural sciences such as biology, biochemistry, and genetics are mixed with disciplines such as computer science and mathematics.

Another job with the future is the teacher:

“As a teacher, you will play an important role in shaping the lives of young people. You will inspire, motivate, encourage and guide a new generation of students to make a positive impact in the world around them. A school teacher helps their students to be passionate about learning and understand the impact and importance of lifelong learning. Additionally, they can The salaries and benefits of experienced teachers are excellent.”

You work with the future and you work without a future

Let us now turn to the analysis of jobs with a future and jobs without any type of future. career with futureOnline Editor:

“It is often also called a web content editor or web content manager, but it is actually the same profession: a professional with strong writing and communication skills as well as relational and analytical skills: he is a complete personality, in digital publishing, and deals with web content.”

Change in the labor market offers many opportunities, But it will make some professions unnecessary over time. Young professionals should tackle the problem and start thinking about whether they will still be able to work with their current profession in 2030 or 2050.

The main mechanism that makes jobs redundant is digitization. More and more activities that were previously performed by humans are now being carried out by computers. This trend will continue and increase more and more (see automatic payment terminals).

In order not to make a wrong career decision for your future, especially if you are young, we have made a list of professions that will be abandoned over the years:

storeThe logistics sector is already highly automated. Receiving or taking out goods, selecting products based on the order list, packing and shipping – robots and computer programs can perform all these operations more reliably and economically than humans.

lawyer: Software programs can indeed analyze and compare legal texts better and, above all, more reliably. Of course, jurisprudence is not limited to the storage and retrieval of legal texts, there will also be a demand for experienced specialists in the future. In general, however, the labor market will require fewer lawyers.

Another job with no future: employees. Employees often work with insurance companies, telephone companies, authorities, or in the commercial sector. The way they process and organize operations is defined and, therefore, replaced by a simple algorithm.

travel agent. This trend started a few years ago: more and more travelers are booking their holidays or business trips online, from their computers or directly from their smartphones. Moreover, according to experts, the cost of travel will continue to increase in the medium and long term.

Truck driver, mechanic and aircraft pilots. Studies and testing of autonomous driving have been around for several years, led by the big tech companies.

Self-driving cars, trucks, trains, and planes still seem like dreams of the future, but it won’t be long before autonomous transportation becomes a part of our daily lives. In fact, in some regions of Italy, underground trains travel without a driver. Like the lilac metro in Milan, the capital of the Lombards.

Thus, professions such as truck driver, train driver or even driver could, sooner or later, become professions with no future, and also with regard to the increase in the cost of travel in the coming years.

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