Kosovo: Gabriela Grayson honors Margarita Hack – News from embassies

(ANSAMED) – Pristina, April 29 – On the occasion of the 5th edition of “Italian Research Day in the World”, an integrated promotional exhibition that reinforces the commitment of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation in the scientific field. Diplomacy, the Italian Embassy in Pristina and the National Theater of Kosovo will organize the play “Oceano Margherita” by journalist and poet Gabriella Greison, dedicated to Italian astrophysicist Margherita Hack (1922-2013).

Appointment on Tuesday 10 May at 8:00 pm in the theater located in Viale Madre Teresa, with free admission.

“This is an unpublished text, with which I wanted to pay tribute to the Italian scientist on her centenary of her birth, which contains many anecdotes about her and which are very special to me – says Gabriella Grayson -. During the hour of the show we will do so. Share the discoveries, the astonishment of science, and Margherita Hack’s greatest ideas, We shall sail her sea made of astonishing jokes and legendary phrases, and we shall swim with her in the greatness of physics, then and today, we shall enrich ourselves with lightness, charm, and a desire to change the world.”

The event – in Italian, with Albanian titles – is organized in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology of Kosovo and with the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports and to benefit from the funds provided by the Fund to promote the Italian language and culture abroad.

“The idea to make this presentation to Pristina came from a conversation with Education Minister Arbori Nagavshi and her deputy, Iduna Maluku, whom I thank, about the need to identify new ways to stimulate young students’ interest in applied science and to raise awareness of gender inequality – which still exists even in the world of science. – and the consequent difficulties that women still have to face every day. To help eliminate social stereotypes and prejudices, it seemed ideal to narrate the life experience of a great Italian scientist such as Margherita Hack as a model to inspire new generations”, explains the Italian ambassador In Kosovo, Antonello de Rio.

Margherita Hack was an Italian astrophysicist, academic, science activist, and activist. She was the first woman to direct the Trieste Astronomical Observatory (from 1964 to 1987) which, under her supervision, gradually established itself at the national and international levels. She was particularly interested in physics, spectroscopy, and stellar evolution, and linked her prolific production of scientific articles to her ongoing publishing activity. And the asteroid “8558 Hack”, discovered in 1995, was dedicated to her.

Gabriella Grayson, 48, is an Italian physicist, playwright and actress. I graduated in Nuclear Physics at Milan State University with a thesis on the experimental study of fast electron propagation in a vacuum chamber. He handles the scientific publishing of various radio and television programs and has hosted and hosted in-depth scientific programmes. He wrote several books, some of which have been turned into monologues. She has been identified as the “Folk Italian Physics Woman” and also “Italy’s Physics Star”. (ANSAMED).

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