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Rovigo, April 27 – The fifth edition of Maggio Rodigino has a blossoming beauty in creativity and hospitality: the spring of culture in Rovigo, from May 5 to 29, will rediscover being a community and hope for the future even in the face of war, between festivals and proposals with the best young talents in music and theater Writing and video shooting. It will also include news of the Sguardi sul Polesine Film Festival, the first open garden festival Città delle Rose, and a national preview of Battiato’s Battiato Celebration Ensemble.

The event contains 10 projects and about 50 events: it is promoted by the Polesine Development Foundation and is sponsored and supported by the Municipality of Rovigo, the Banca del Monte di Rovigo Foundation, the Fineco and the Accademia dei Concordi.

Every appointment at Maggio Rodigino is an invitation to go out in search of colour. At the Venezuela Music Festival, from May 5-8, the colors are shown in concerts by the talents of the Francesco Venezze Conservatory and at the first appearance on the social stage of the multimedia opera Flatlandia.

Between May 13 and 15 at the Bible Festival, Colors Talk in an intense program of events. On May 16, the 20th edition of Tra Scuole e Teatro, the Pauline festival entirely dedicated to theatrical creations of children and youth, will begin screenings at the Duomo Film Theatre.
The colors that cinematographic art takes from landscapes and from memory arrive on the big screen of Sguardi sul Polesine, from May 20-22, and on the same weekend Città delle Rose will make its debut: on May 21-22 it will visit some of the most suggestive green corners of Rovigo and those that are usually inaccessible.
On May 26, the Batiato Celebration Ensemble will celebrate the artist “The Painter of Dreams” one year after his death: Maestro Alessandro Simoncini, the first violinist of the new Italian quartet to have collaborated, recorded albums and accompanied him on tour since 1996, will also be on stage Batiato.

In the final week of Maggio Rodigino, the youngsters will still be champions. On May 26-29, with the “The Future is Inclusive” video photography review, young people will be shown called to build their own identity in the fusion of cultures and equal opportunities, and on May 27 and 28, the 18th culmination review will take place in Rovigo Preparatory Schools Musically titled in the district, with over 750 committed students. On May 28, there will also be an award ceremony for the literary competition “Sergio Garbato – Banca del Monte de Rovigo School Foundation”, at 3.30 pm, and in the evening in Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II the last student class- Interschool Actor Festival and Theater.

The finale will be on May 29 with “Anna Molière”, a theater production dedicated to the celebration of the 400th anniversary of the birth of the French playwright.

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This is the summary of the Maggio Rodigino 2022 programme:
May 5-6-7-8 Venezuelan Music Festival
May 13-14-15 Bible Festival
20-21-22 May Sagardi Soul Police, Film Festival
May 21-22, City of Roses – Open Gardens Festival
May 26 Greetings to Batiatu
16-17-18, 23-24-25 and 28 May “Between Schools and Theater”
May 27-28, the eighteenth preparatory school review with a musical title
May 28 Literary Competition “Sergio Garbato”
26-27-28-29 May “The future is inclusive”, video photo exhibition
May 29 “Anna Moliere” theatrical performance

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