McLaren lands in the Metaverse region | NFT virtual cars for real experiences

McLaren will enter a world NFT And metaverse Thanks to cooperate with InfiniteWorld. The partnership aims to promote the brand through digital content to sell to its audience in the form of Code Not replaceable.

Fans will be able to purchase virtual copies of British supercars, which will also be linked to real experiences that the home is not yet finished with. Brand entry to metaverse It will allow anyone a virtual point of contact with the brand. No further details are known yet.

McLaren lands in the Metaverse region with its supercars

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McLaren enters the metaverse with its supercars

McLaren And InfiniteWorld They are working together to ensure that the British supercar manufacturer has an important presence in the metaverse. There is talk of NFT and the comprehensive experiences offered to fans that the brand should use Enhance her image Brand and make money.

This exciting new partnership, which is increasingly sought after by our customers and fans, will build on InfiniteWorld’s pioneering expertise to create and deliver a range of digital content on the McLaren platform. The partnership aims to push boundaries and elevate expertise, both characteristics synonymous with the McLaren brand in everything we do.”

This is what Gareth Dunsmore, Marketing Director of McLaren Automotive, commented in the classic press presentation of the project, which will allow Expand your fan base Who follows the English team in competitions. On this basis, a very important game for the future of F1 is being played, the costs of which are now almost unsustainable even for the big names.

In the near future, which will ensure a substantial follow-up to Circus World Champion will increase political weight In a very competitive environment: on the track, at the bank and at the tables of power. Meanwhile American Liberty Mediathe owner of the F1 image rights, desperately wants to expand the audience of fans of discipline.

Americans seek new apostates Especially among the younger ones, to sell in a format more like a Netflix series and less and less like a racing championship. twists on and off the track, and strong post Social networks with drivers and stables are the main components of attracting digital natives.

F1, NFT, and Cryptocurrency: We’re Just Beginning

McLaren is not the only fact in Formula 1 that is eyeing the world of cryptocurrency with interest. Tezos Sponsors Red Bull, phantom She is an official partner of Alpha Tauri, FTX supports mercedes, Binance He is an Alpine Fan Token partner, while It is the official sponsor of the Miami GP.

To give an idea of ​​how much the broker has invested in the best racing series, just think that the stock exchange will be the main sponsor of the event. Formula 1 Miami Grand Prox 2022 He will participate for the first time in the World Championships on May 8th: This will be Florida’s first time in Formula 1.

F1 Infernal money machineThe financial commitment on the part of the teams, sponsors and Grand Prix organizers has become virtually unsustainable for most of the players involved. However, the show (business) must go on: hopefully, interest in the crypto world will return new lymph For historic companies such as McLaren, which has been in economic difficulties for several years.

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