NFT: Augmented Reality increases its value

The strategic use of NFT applied to augmented reality will allow for an entirely new set of use cases and possibilities in all sectors, from healthcare to the arts world, increasing its value in financial terms.

According to the quarterly report of Atelier BNP Paribas, the NFT market is going through a period of exponential growth: there is talk of Sector exceeds 2 billion dollars It is estimated that the true potential of NFTs will be developed thanks to AR technology and the emergence of the Metaverse that will enrich the economic value of individual tokens.

Non-fungible tokens, otherwise known as NFTs, are a group of digital information from Exclusive property To the user, approved by blockchain technology. It is located around Digital copies of physical holdings And the uniqueness of these products makes them so precious that in the last year The NFT market has literally exploded.

They have already become topic for sale Due to its exclusive nature, complete with certificate of authenticity, legal rights and proof of forgery thanks to the blockchain. To fully enjoy the experience of these products, augmented reality It improves the experience of the user who buys NFT making it unique Increases the value.

“NFTs that implement augmented reality provide the ability to display digital items in the surrounding environment, facilitating their use and therefore buying and selling. This combination allows people to interact with their virtual property, creating a more engaging and unique experience.” explain Mattia Salvi, CEO of Ariel.

Arielthe first platform from English marketing Designed for small businesses with the goal of introducing new online services to potential clients attractive experience, Summarize how augmented reality can add value to NFTs and in what sectors.

NFTs with augmented reality become a luxury item

In addition to giving a more “physical” aspect to NFTs, allowing them to be viewed as a digital layer inserted into the surrounding environment,Augmented reality can generate new forms of collaboration in digital assetsDifferent users can have different rights and privileges, creating increasingly complex and detailed agreements and partnerships.

Now it is clear that NFT and augmented reality allow owners to live User experiences Like never before, thanks to product exclusivity and immersion in technology. However, it is not only about user experience but also Economic Investments: NFT that can be activated through augmented reality can increase its value in the market over time, becoming real luxury item.

“NTF and augmented reality are creating a new way to make investments precisely because they increase the value of the experience and the digital thing even more. In a market with over 5.3 million sales, to date, buying NTFs that can be activated with augmented reality is a new and truly profitable way to invest.” explain Mattia Salvi.

Who has already chosen NFTs in augmented reality: from art to fashion

in World Social media More and more artists and developers are trying to combine art and technology to create NFT filters for sharing online and on social media.

The the art world It is perhaps one of the most popular fields of NFTs in augmented reality and of particular interest”digital lensesThis allows users to view unique digital artworks, which acts as a filter that allows you to interact with an artwork by placing it in the surrounding environment thanks to AR.

Another practical case for applying NFTs to art was made by Christie’s, which beat Beeple’s NFT work for $69 million, making him the second highest-paid living artist.

There are many artists who are recording Excellent results Selling “The Art of Cryptography,” just think of the “Hackatao” couple, NFT pioneers in Italy, who sold out their virtual gallery on Nifty within a week.

In the’music industry Instead, Kings of Leon was the first to distribute an entire album with NFT, providing the opportunity to access exclusive content such as a special edition of the album, or to have front row seats at their concerts.

In the field HealthcareNFTs can be used to protect patient privacy, while enhancing security and reducing the risk of counterfeit tracking in pharmaceutical supply chains.

even in the world Video games and fashion Certainly, NFTs did not go unnoticed. This is the case of the collaboration between Gucci and Wanna, who presented a virtual model of sneakers, the Gucci Virtual 22which was created to be displayed in the gaming world, where users can show off their boots in the virtual world of Decentraland.

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