Ordinary high school competition, CDC that expects the practical test

Ordinary high school competitionDD N. 499 of April 21, 2020 (modified by DD N. 23 of January 5, 2022) states that insolvency proceedings are specified in Written examOne oral test and the end practice test.

Paragraph 4 of Article 6 of Legislative Decree 59/2017 indicates that the oral examination shall also include the practical examination (as indicated in Appendix A), where required by the courses. So let’s see what a file Competition classes interested.

Ordinary high school quiz, quiz classes that include practical test

We report, below, the categories of competition for which practical testing is expected, as described byAttachment A:

  • A01 Art and Image in Middle School
  • A02 Design of metals, jewelry, semi-precious stones and precious stones
  • A03 Ceramic Design
  • A04 كتاب Book Design
  • A05 Fabric and Fashion Design
  • A06 glass design
  • A07 Audio-Visual Specialties
  • A08 Engineering, architecture, furniture, industrial design and scenography
  • A09 Graphic, Photographic and Scenographical Disciplines
  • A10 Graphic Advertising Specialties
  • A14 Plastic, sculptural and plastic specialties
  • A16 Technical Drawing and Dental Modeling
  • A17 Painting and art history in secondary education institutions
  • A20 Physics
  • A 27 Mathematics and Physics
  • A28 Math and Science
  • A 30 middle school music
  • A33 Aviation Science and Technology
  • A34 Chemical sciences and technology
  • A35 Footwear and Fashion Science and Technology
  • A36 Logistics Science and Technology
  • A37 Building sciences and techniques, techniques and techniques of graphic representation
  • A 50 Natural, chemical and biological sciences
  • A51 Agricultural sciences, technologies and techniques
  • A55 musical instrument in secondary education institutions
  • A56 middle school musical instrument
  • A57 Classical Dance Technique
  • A58 Contemporary Dance Technique
  • A59 Dance accompaniment techniques, music theory and dance practice
  • A 60 technology in middle school
  • A61 multimedia communication technologies and technologies
  • Music Technologies A63
  • A64 Theory, Analysis and Composition
  • Physics Lab B03
  • B04 Lutherie Workshops
  • Logistics Laboratory B05
  • B06 Dental Lab
  • B07 Optical Process Laboratories
  • B08 Industrial and Craft Production Factories for Ceramics
  • B09 Aviation Science and Technology Laboratories
  • B10 science and technology laboratories for aircraft construction
  • B11 Agricultural Science and Technology Laboratory
  • B12 Chemical and Microbiological Science and Technology Laboratory
  • B13 Footwear and Fashion Science and Technology Laboratories
  • B14 Building science and technology laboratories
  • B15 Electrical and electronic science and technology laboratories
  • Computer Science and Technology Laboratory B16
  • B17 Mechanical science and technology laboratories
  • B18 Textile, Apparel and Fashion Science and Technology Laboratories
  • B19 Laboratories Hotel Accommodation Service
  • B20 Food and wine service laboratories, kitchen sector
  • B21 Laboratories for food and wine services, food and sales sector
  • B22 Multimedia Communication Technologies and Technologies Laboratories
  • B23 Laboratory for Social and Health Services
  • B24 Marine Science and Technology Laboratory
  • B25 Shipbuilding Science and Technology Laboratory
  • B26 Wood Technology Laboratory
  • B27 Marble Techniques Lab
  • B28 Drafting Techniques Lab.

Practical test evaluation and traceability

regarding Competition classes which states that practice testa, The committee, when evaluating the test, has 100 points at its disposal. vote oral test It is calculated based on the arithmetic mean of the interview assessment and the practical test. Candidates who have obtained an overall total of at least 70 points out of 100 pass the oral examination.

The antiquities Concerning the practical exams, as well as the oral exams, are prepared by the selection boards on the basis ofAttachment A subordinate Decree No. 326 of November 9, 2021. The path is extracted for each round of the practice test at the time the same is done.

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