Panama: Opens to Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

Full style cascading effect. distance Good news coming from RCA it’s your turn Panamawhich with not passed to the system Legal currency to BitcoinHowever, the country has measurably opened up to the world of crypto and BTC dollars.

Central American country, a short distance from El Salvador Even geographically speaking, it has actually approved a set of laws that will make it one of the most important countries friendly Towards the sector that will take care of individuals and public bodies.

Panama takes an important step forward

Excellent news for the entire sector, starting with Bitcoin To end up in other cryptocurrencies will be part of the legislative package. We can invest with Capital.comGo here for a free virtual account with the best trading tools – Broker who suggests a price list More than 63 cryptocurrencies Which is being invested in, including all that was mentioned before Panama.

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Payments between individuals and between individuals and the public: Panama chooses cryptocurrencies

It is not just a law that will encourage adoption Bitcoin in the country. In fact, we also find part of the package EthereumWith rippleAnd LitecoinAnd XDCAnd ElrondAnd excellent And also Algorand. So it is not the same Ley Bitcoin Similar to that of I arrived in El Salvador almost 1 year ago nowRather, it is a more comprehensive openness to what this market has to offer.

What can be done a Panama With cryptocurrency? It will be possible to pay between individuals by agreement, meaning that no one will be forced to accept cryptocurrencies, just as public authorities will already be able to receive cryptocurrencies that are part of the aforementioned pool to pay taxes.

But perhaps the most interesting thing for investors, at least in certain proportions, is there capital gains taxor the tax on financial income, which will be to zero on all cryptocurrencies. It would be, at least according to the reading provided by several analysts, for Cryptocurrency that will be de facto legal tenderalthough it is difficult to frame this specific definition.

There will be no obligations (unlike El Salvador, where it is still easy to bypass the population) but at the same time there will be significant advantages in using cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin. This is also because due to the constitutional structure of the country, it is almost impossible to introduce new legal tender coins.

Another country that is dealt with in dollars is making a leap

Bitcoin And encryption Continue to attract attention, as expected, to those countries that do not have their own currency and that have to suffer from the manipulations of others without actually benefiting from it. was the case with El Salvadorthen who Central African Republicwhich has a special status with the franc CFA Which we also tried to explain in our video.

Now it is Panamaalso this country where the legal tender currency is U.S. dollar with the Balboa That’s it anyway pegged 1: 1. A circumstance that makes it very easy for these countries to make the switch, since they can’t even enjoy Benefits out of order Fiat And a central bank, at least at the government level.

Other good news for the world Bitcoin Is that in fact there are many other countries in these circumstances: from all countries Africans which are subject to examination CFA franc to Ecuador And Liberia Which have de facto dollar. Or stay in the area too Belize. We’ll see which one will be next to make the leap.

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