Roger Ver returns to attack Bitcoin | “Dogecoin is safer and cheaper”

Although Easter is now behind us, it is still the time of Resurrection. This time to return from the grave Roger Verwhich many will remember how Bitcoin Jesus And this goes back to talking about him in a relatively long interview by Olga Autumn above Bloomberg.

the topic? Dogecoin will be in Bitcoin in becoming one global currencya position widely shared with him Elon Musk as well as with what Release It has become in recent years, or rather a kind of Discount from BTC in its original version.

Roger Ver this time with Dogecoin against Bitcoin

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Sometimes They Come Back: Roger Ver Still On The Bitcoin Attack

One of the early promoters of BitcoinWith a very interesting personal story, Roger Ver It was in the past too strong supporter From the increase in the size of the block from BTC dollarsthen join in projects like Bitcoin Cash. This isn’t the first time they’ve released Bitcoin Jesus Thanks to his important work missionary And so comes to publicly challenge the performance Bitcoin.

This time it supports the possibility of this actually happening Dogecoin to actually become a kind of global currencyFree, easy to access, and low cost. A situation that puts it parallel to what is being repeated now Elon Musk For months, it was not without many controversies with extremists.

In addition Roger Ver He emphasized that he is not necessarily fond of the projects in which he invests, and that he has an investment portfolio that also includes Ethereum And rippleagain in stark contrast to what one might expect from someone who was so close to developments in the past Bitcoin.

Dogecoin is much better – it is cheaper and more reliable than Bitcoin. If I had to pick three candidates to become the world’s dominant cryptocurrency, I would choose Doge, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash.

If on licenses Dogecoin In terms of transaction costs we can all or almost all agree, it remains a mystery to understand what it means Release When it comes to more reliability. In fact, the libraries are filled with the width of the blocks and the time associated with their production and it is not even necessary to go back to versions back to what is now popular block wars.

A boost for Doge also in the markets?

You may need more and tips Roger Ver You will not be able to change market trends in the short term. At the same time, we expect important news from Twitterespecially if the change of hands in favor of Elon Musk It should already be successful.

on the fact that Dogecoin It has the ups and downs to replace Bitcoin, and we still have some skepticism, both of a technical and pervasive nature. But the sector, let’s face it, is also good for this. Strong competition and the possibility for everyone to have their say. Just like we did in our country too $DOGE توقعات forecastwhere we try to assess the situation on the future price coin meme who started the movement.

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