“Salvation is not a foregone conclusion at the start of the season. In the last few games we ran out of energy.”

LUDI COMO SALVEZZA – general manager of comoAnd Carlberto Lodiin a long interview on columns Como . CountyComment on the Larians season, certainly positive given the redemption already obtained, and the recent match results crunch, not forgetting a look to the future (with or without Gattuso On the seat?).

These are his words:

“Today there is another Como, which legitimately angers its fans for four consecutive defeats, despite the initially unclear deliverance of a newly-promoted team led by a coach who for the first time measured himself in this brilliantly occupied category.”

“Did everything change in one year? Yes, it really does seem like a long time has passed. Even if those feelings are still very much alive, it has been an intense year, great work, and so many feelings. The beautiful and important thing is that the project continues on The right direction. Even if we didn’t like what happened in the last few matches. And it’s not true that the rating no longer matters at this point: it’s always a fact to look at. Both the team and the fans don’t deserve these results.”

“We never said we wanted to give up the playoffs once we got to our first goal. The turning point was the defeat of Parma, in a match that we thought was certainly within reach, among other things at a point. And that unfortunately came only three days after a hangover. With Monza, which gave us certainty of salvation and great ecstasy. If we achieve a result in Parma, then everything else will have a different meaning. Instead on that day we came out a bit from the right mental attitude. It is not a question of commitment, but of energy. We lacked that quality That we’ve had all season, that is in the DNA of this team. That is, the ability to raise ourselves up in suffering, in difficult situations, that perseverance that often helped us respond. That came a little lower. There is no justification? There is a shirt to be honored. And there must be a desire to avenge to the end.And also because this season the same players deserve more than they do, and above all the arena, the fans, who continue to support us in an extraordinary way. That is why it is so essential to make sure that things change in These last two commitments “.

“In general, everything is clearly appropriate, and certainly we cannot consider this season negative, on the contrary. We are currently evaluating the ability to overturn this stalemate, and we do not want these last commitments to be trivial, nothing should be. But The team showed a lot of evidence of values ​​and qualities. The future? It’s too early to start talking about that, first we want and we definitely have to focus on this ending. Then we’ll look at the next step. With or without Gattuso? It’s a topic that should be approached calmly first and foremost with him. We’ll have to talk about the next step. And you know that Jack and I have a great friendship and cooperation. So the evaluation will be as calm as possible, as was the decision to install his new role for him a year ago. But, knowing that too, he may not be the right coach in One moment is appropriate another time, and that is natural. It is a topic that we will take up with utmost serenity. We have certainly loved the ability to form a group, the development of a sense of belonging in players, and the perseverance in overcoming various difficulties, from injuries to problems with training fields. From Jack and all players. And then, many shows, I would say almost everything, excluding this last period, is always equal. There are players we want to keep, one above all Siri. Who expressed a desire to stay and who gave us a lot of all points of view. But I repeat, we are now only interested in the present. We don’t want two more races like this, we should immediately go back to what we know. For us and our fans, who don’t deserve a bad ending.”

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