Sending and receiving cryptocurrency with Telegram is now possible, and here’s how

Telegram users can now send Toncoin cryptocurrency payments directly through the messaging app

The news was transmitted by TON . Foundation Only these days: it will now be possible to send and receive cryptocurrencies directly through the messaging app cable. In particular it will be possible Send crypto payments via Open Network (TON)is a decentralized blockchain initially designed by Telegram.

This week, the company announced the addition of a The Bot That Allows Over 550 Million Telegram Users To Send Cryptocurrency to other users through the messaging application chat.

Telegram and birth of Tonquin

program launch bot “wallet” Users will be allowed Send and receive Toncoinencryption based on Telegram’s Open Network, and according to the developers themselves, this will happen without charging any transaction fees.

If we take a few steps back, we see that cable It has a long history with cryptocurrencies, in fact it was October 2019 when it was Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) The United States has filed a complaint against the messaging app for raising $1.7 billion through the sale of a private token.

According to SEC i Gram symbolism They were to be considered unregistered securities, and this resulted in the company signing an agreement signed in June 2020 on the basis of which Telegram would return to investors something like $1.224 billion.

As part of this process, Telegram transferred control of Open Telegram Network to Toncoinwhich later became Number 205 of the most important cryptocurrencies In the market according to data from CoinMarketCap, with extension Market value who swirls around $2.83 billion. We are talking about an open source community dedicated to the development of Toncoin and the crypto-related blockchain.

Toncoin payments arrive via Telegram

This week came an announcement from Open Network (TON)which is the decentralized blockchain initially designed by Telegram, with which it communicates outside its domain 550 million users of the messaging app That there is now the possibility of performing cryptocurrency transactions thanks to the addition of a bot that allows you to send and receive cryptocurrencies to other users via chat.

The initial launch of the wallet bot will allow you to send and receive Toncoins without any transaction costs. To use the new bot however, according to what they say from open networkUsers will need to install softwareThe latest version of the Telegram app.

Similar to Discord, Telegram also allows the creation of bots to automate activities on the platform. However the fact that Toncoin wallet bot Licensed in the messaging app does not necessarily mean that Telegram approves of it.

A similar tool was created in 2019 by Lightning Labsa growing group Bitcoin Lightning Network aka later lightning torch. This allowed users to send small amounts of bitcoins known as satoshis via Twitter. Later, Twitter also introduced the ability to coding adviceInitially only in Bitcoin, then in Ethereum as well just a couple of months ago.

And here Telegram seems to have taken the same path. a Official Spokesperson for the TON . Foundation He said of the launch of the wallet bot for Toncoin payments on Telegram: “Hopefully this Simplify the process of cryptocurrency transactions It could lead to greater use around the world, and could help integrate blockchain payment solutions into people’s daily lives.”

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