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Due to the positive feedback Cardano SPO . departmentWe have decided to start a similar chip on the NFTs that are on this Proof of Stake blockchain.

first guest from Cardano NFT Address Book It is a project that is building Game-to-earn protocol that integrates with existing games like Fortnite and Rocket League: PlayerMint.

This initiative is a reference point for NFT on Cardano And every week or two we’ll invite someone to answer a few questions and give us a live update from within the Cardano community.

Given that some of our readers are new to the cryptocurrency space, we will have a mixture of simple and technical questions.

NFT Project on Cardano: PlayerMint

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The NFT project on Cardano PlayerMint is building an ecosystem of playing for earning

Hi Aidan, thank you for being the first guest in my column. Can you tell us a little about yourself? Where do you come from and what is your background?

Of course my name is Aidan Rankin Williams and I’m from The warm and sunny coast of California. I got into the crypto space during the 2017 bull run, and the first video that caught my eye was TEDx talk from Charles Hoskinson. After doing some research, I committed to getting involved at the project level. It all started with presentations about cryptocurrency for family friends and resulted in the establishment of PlayerMint.

Why Cardano? What are the reasons for choosing this blockchain in particular?

The blockchain is supposed to be decentralized It is managed by the users who send you transactions. This means that they live in a kind of perpetual web (perma web), where code and transactions cannot be called or modified. When you enter this web Perma You must make sure that the code you are building on is robust.

What better way to ensure this than relying on a file Research and development based on peer review Who is involved in an innovative way for the industry? This is evidenced by Cardano’s proof-of-stake consensus mechanism, the eUTXO model, the hard fork aggregator, smart contracts in the functional programming language Plutus and on-chain governance.

These commitments and their results make They are designing the perfect Layer 1 blockchain to build on. I’m sure the parameters of the base class are well thought out and when the chain needs innovation, the governance is put in place to do so.

What is PlayerMint? And how do you incorporate NFTs into your project?

PlayerMint is a play-to-earn protocol which integrates with existing video games such as It is an electronic game And Rocket League. This means that players are capable of it Earn a redeemable token, PMXbased on game performance and distributed over 5-day intervals. Once you have PMX, you can spend it in the NFT Marketplace.

NFT integration comes in two forms for PlayerMint. The first is that our market will allow it Any Cardano-based NFT to be traded with PMX, and support the CIP-27 royalty standard. The second is that we created our own set of NFTs called PlayerMint founders. these Founder NFT will allow owners to earn exclusive PMX For the early eras of PlayerMint once it was available on the main network, and to purchase a token to use the product.

What excites you the most about a future where blockchain technology is prevalent? Where do you envision PlayerMint in such a future?

I’m really excited about the future it’s in Blockchain allows anyone to participate in traditional finance. Especially for blockchains like Cardano, the true sign of success will not be seeing the blockchain logo on ads and on the sides of sports stadiums. rather it will be When someone born in a poor part of the world without a unique identity will be able to access the same financial services and security as anyone on Wall Street.

with regard to PlayerMintI hope this demonstrates the power that finite digital assets can have in matching incentives to what people really like to do. I would like to see PlayerMint having a huge impact on the way studios develop gamesThe focus is on the player-created open economy, with studio revenue coming in the form of small ownership on aftermarket sales. For PlayerMint more specifically, I like it Decentralize so that PMX owners can make decisions about embedded gamesfor which in-game actions are rewarded, as well as the team that develops the protocol.

I would like to see PMX has become the social currency used by creators and their communities to engage with digital assets and support each other. In the end, I’ll love it PlayerMint can make people’s lives more enjoyable by adding value to their portfolio to do something they loveThen you feel the urge to share that love with others.

Thanks again for being our first guest. A few last words? Where can people find you?

Definitely! Thank you very much for inviting me. My last words will be that invitation. If you’ve ever wanted to chat about blockchain, gaming, PlayerMint, or anything else that’s on your mindDo not hesitate to Drop it on Discord to chat. If you are looking for more information about our project, I suggest you go to Our Location.

Finally, have a nice day and thank you for reading what I have to say!


Aidan – Chief Experience Officer at PlayerMint

Disclaimer: The opinions and views of the interviewees are theirs and do not necessarily reflect those of the Cardano Foundation or the IOG. Also, this content is for educational purposes only, and does not constitute financial advice.

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