Have cryptocurrency or NFT stolen from you? Here’s how to fix it

Metamask has been hacked, we are about to talk about a very sensitive topic and we have an ambitious goal of reassuring potential people involved in this kind of problem and trying to offer a solution, or at least a series of important tips so that we can “solve it” and even prevent. Without trying to deceive. Anyone, we can already say that in most cases it is almost impossible to recover what was stolen from your account but this does not mean that with some moves the situation can be stopped and not lost heart.

Unfortunately, it can happen to everyone that they make a trivial mistake and leave them alone virtual wallet Come HackedEspecially if you are new to this world, if you do not know the dynamics of Discord or if you allow yourself the possibility of making easy profits. Let’s see first what are the most important the dangers Connected to get Metamask wallet and possible useful precautions later.

Metamask . Security

We assume Metamask is secure. However, it does have some limitations that we hope will be taken into consideration tomorrow. All your accounts / personal files within Metamask are protected by one seed phrase (or a recovery/backup phrase), i.e. an automatically generated set of words, which gives access to cryptocurrencies linked to a particular wallet. The initial statement is the most important security component of any account and you should keep it a secret. The fate of the Metamask account depends on the initial statement. After the redemption ruling there is a municipality The password which you will choose and this will allow you to open the account and access all functions.

Unfortunately, in addition to the password, there is no possibility to add a classic OTP (two-factor authentication) with an authenticator or a phone number to verify that it is you who actually wants to enter the wallet, however, as we will see, there is the possibility to purchase and connect a cold wallet, such as a ledger to increase The security of your Metamask account.

Despite this good basic security, many users log new hacking attempts every day. Like? Here are the most common.

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Most Popular Methods for Hacking Accounts (Metamask Hacked)

It is very rare for a simple Metamask account of maybe a few hundred or a few thousand Euros to be hacked or targeted by some of the criminal experts in this sector. On the other hand, many users are likely to fall victim to some traps set by some criminals to frame some newbies in this world.

So, what are the most common methods used by “hackers” to compromise a Metamask account for some newbies? The most common is Discord spam Which you are asked to connect your wallet to on a fraudulent NFT scam site as a gift. The second consists of nAnd get unknown cryptocurrencies as a gift directly in your wallet; The fact that you want to transfer them to another account or convert them to euros will lead you to accept a contract within Metamask that allows the hacker to enter and then steal the existing cryptocurrency. Often times we ourselves can fall into a trap Give your login credentials From our Metamask to some hackers who have created a page, plugin or chrome extension similar to those of Metamask, the classic phishing.

Other unpleasant situations can occur when your computer or smartphone receives some kind of malware or virus. In short, dangers are around the corner but in most cases we fall into petty traps, such as phishing.

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hacked Metamask

If you find out that you have been hacked because you saw crypto amounts transferred to other wallet addresses, what can you do?

The first step is to ask how it could have happened, so that a particular mistake would not be repeated in the future. In most cases, it is the victim of a hack who deceives himself and allows the “perpetrator” to take advantage of his Metamask account, as we saw in the previous paragraph.

Once you understand the error, we recommend that you disconnect your Metamask account from any possible 3 connected website, we recommend that you note the transactions that took place without your consent and delete the wallet and Chrome extension, then create a new one, with a new initial phrase and new password. Unfortunately, the hacked account is difficult to recover. Then use online tools like Etherscan to “track” your money that could potentially be passed to an anonymous criminal’s wallet. Then report everything to Metamask support and check with them what you can do.

encryption theft

If your cryptocurrency is stolen, we understand the frustration, unfortunately this can happen, and Blockchain technology does not currently have the security means to stop such situations. A proper report to Metamask will undoubtedly help you to better understand the dynamics of crime. Remember to never click on sites suggested by third parties and spam sites and never give your credentials to anyone. Keep it on paper for safety.

Also, to ensure that the theft is not repeated, we advise you to do so Ledger purchase And transfer your money there, in a way that you keep it quite easily on an unhackable physical device.

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NFT stolen

Another plague is NFTs stolen from your Metamask account and reselling them on the OpenSea Market. In this case, since the “delinquent” wants to make some money, you can try to contact him privately and “find an economic agreement”, if you really want to recover the NFT. Second, you can still protect your digital assets through a ledger, such as cryptography.

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Metamask hacked? How do you protect yourself

In short, we’ve given you some tips on how to beware of online pitfalls and given you some insight into how to protect yourself. If you get “hacked”, delete old Metamask profile and create new one from 0, put your heart at peace, it hurts to lose a certain amount of money but it can happen if you have little experience in this sector.

Second, equip yourself with Ledger, a physical wallet that costs 60 euros and is able to save you from any future problems with Metamask. Above all, get back in the game, and never give up! Did you lose money like that? Don’t worry, try to do it again (always seriously and never invest sums you can’t afford to lose), the world of crypto and the world of NFT has many pitfalls but also many opportunities.

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