The NFT Panini Stickers have become! How do you collect them all?

Everywhere in fashion NFT (Non-Fungible Token) And it also embraces stickers sandwiches of football players.

As of 2020 Panini America She actually launched her online store NFT statues for various sports, Where, on the other hand, crypto resources can be purchased without resorting to cryptocurrencies, but comfortably paying in the reference fiat currency, the dollar.

In Italy NFT panini stickers They are still not popular and this is also because, being an initiative starting from the American headquarters, they focus on sports that are very popular abroad, but not in our country.

The major leagues of basketball, baseball, and football now have them NFT . Market Well established of them as well as statues sandwiches No less with so many examples that are really worth a lot.

to any concern football The panorama is narrow, but the horizon begins to widen, this year Panini Football Player Stickers For some important chains in Europe such as French League 1. At the moment, there are no Panini posters for Serie A yet, but it is only a matter of time.

Buy and trade with them NFT . Resources It’s very easy because you just need to download the app where you can buy both individual stickers and bags Any fixed price packages in which more than one non-fungible code is issued, but without knowing which one before buying.

Moreover, Panini is carried out periodically and on a regular basis Challenges That is, it gives users the opportunity to complete a certain set of stickers in a specific time in order to win Award, It is usually a file Very rare NFT.

What are Panini NFT stickers and how do they work

The Panini NFT stickers It is a project launched in 2020 that in all respects reflects the physical album, both in its potential to trade and in winning prizes if the collection is completed.

To launch digital stickers on the Blockchain, it was Panini America With samples of NFL players. At first, the project was a little different because “NFT Sticker Packs”, That is, only single players were purchased. By purchasing the digital card, I also purchased the physical card, which was sent home because the project was only available on US soil.

From 2020 to today the project has expanded and now by purchasing NFT sandwiches You no longer buy the physical card, but only the digital resource.

Many sports have been added to the collection, especially those that are popular in United States of America European football is also slowly emerging. An application was also launched that allows trading and buying NFT cards around the world.

As for challenges, at this moment for another week, there is a challenge that includes Posters of Panini football players in the French League 1. In fact, when you complete an “album” of 50 stickers, that is, by collecting a specific 50 NFT, you will get Non-fungal special code as a reward. The goal is to make the NFT soccer card deck similar to the classic paper albums, where by completing one you win prizes like jerseys and balls signed by players.

Where and how to buy NFTs stickers from Panini

The NFTs of panini stickers They act like a classic Non-Fungible CodeThat is, when they are purchased, the ownership of these products is transferred and registered in the Blockchain. Buying and trading with Panini stickers is very easy because you are using a file the shop Integrated into the application and you can pay directly in dollars, without the need to connect a crypto wallet and use cryptocurrencies, as happens on classic NFT exchanges.

Who wants to start buying stickers NFT, Because only purchase is allowed American dollar A strategy that allows you to save a lot of commission costs related to the conversion from euros to dollars can be used and consists of acquiring a multi-currency card such as Sage or revolution They are free discount cards.

Buying NFTs with Panini “Digital Packages” stickers

Once you download the smartphone app panini direct, Buying stickers is really simple. Here is a section where users sell their players’ NFTs, divided by sports and league, for sale at auction or at a fixed price.

Instead, we have the possibility to buy digital bags, at the moment there are no bags that can be bought in connection with football but there are NFL, NBA, UFC, and MLB.

In February, the Ligue 1 Panini digital sticker pack was launched 5 dollars A package, where they “came out” well 6 nft.

As for the appearance of the NFTs, these are identical to paper labels only in digital, that is, with the two-dimensional image of the player and also the serial number, which almost always determines its value in the decks of Panini trading cards.

They can get out of the bag NFT is rarer than others For example with the player in a different position and this has a higher value.

As for the purchase of individual pieces as in the paper labels, here also the value of the NFT varies and we start from the stickers 1 dollar Its value reaches thousands of pieces; These assets can be traded through the integrated market and easily in dollars.

goat channel He made a YouTube video showing how to buy and “unlock” a pack of Panini NFT stickers for Ligue 1 players:

Serie A football launches official NFTs on

if it was Panini NFT stickers They don’t offer a vast panorama in the football world, sports fans have other alternatives anyway.

first and foremost Italian Serie A It has launched its own official NFT kits since last year. The latest collection has been shown for sale on In January 2022, it was dedicated to the Frúcia Rossa Super Cup, which was held between Inter and Juventus at the Meazza Stadium.

There are also many players who shoot NFT personal kits for example Binance you can buy Ciro Immobile Mystery Chest Each resource contained a Highlight of the player’s tournament.

Where Panini Posters Don’t Reach Sorare, Sorare: The First NFT Fantasy Football . arrives

Keeping the football theme, where Panini stickers don’t arrive, Sorare arrives. This is the first fantasy football Surely this works Blockchain And where all the best European football series are located, including the Italian Serie A.

From a graphic point of view, the file NFT from Sorari They are very similar to those in the Panini stickers, that is, 2D images of players, except that, in addition to collecting purposes, they also serve to play the classic game fantasy football online.

In addition to the seasonal tournament organized by Surrey as well Championships periodically to allow you to win prizes and generate income at any time of the year. to play very rare A team of at least 5 players is needed in NFT and the goal is similar to the classic game, i.e. accumulating points based on the performance the players already have on the field. Participation in tournaments is free except for the purchase of NFT resources.

Sorare has become an incredibly popular platform even in our case NFT . Resources From a few euros worth up to thousands of players.

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