This is how technical regulations change

Gioco del Ponte has the new technical regulations for the battle, which were presented this morning, Saturday 30 April, at Palazzo Gambacorti, in the presence of Filippo Bedini, Counselor of Historical Traditions of the Municipality of Pisa, Roberto Tonini, Commander-in-Chief Joco del Ponte, Mario Serai, Member of the Council of Elders, Matteo Baldassari, General of Tramontana, Luca Ricoveri, Lieutenant of the South, Federico Bocinelli, Lieutenant of Tramontana and Maurizio Nereni, member of the Council of the Elders. “An ambitious and indispensable project has begun to bear fruit – the Adviser of Historical Traditions of the Municipality of Pisa announces: the new technical regulation of the battle. From the moment of his inauguration, he appeared before the Commander in Chief: Presentation More usable and amazing Bridge game. The last amendment to this regulation dates back to 2012, but it consists of only a few non-material changes. I thank all those who worked throughout 2021 to find the balance necessary to achieve today’s result, in particular Commander-in-Chief Roberto Tonini, Lieutenant-Generals, the Council of Elders and anyone who collaborated in drafting a new regulation that is sure to improve the performance of the game.”

“The new regulation – Bideni continues – was approved by the Council of Elders, which worked on the draft rejected by the art group, and reached a unanimous vote on a simplified text compared to the old regulation that was last amended in 2012, and did the rationalization work that repealed from Technical Regulations Parts that have overlapped with similar articles found in the General Regulations of Gioco del Ponte.In this regard, I am pleased to announce that the process in the Commission will soon begin to reach the approval of the new as well as the General Regulations, which is up to the City Council.In this case also, It is a new version that has been greatly improved and simplified.As for the work on the costumes of the historical show, such a huge amount of work on the two slates that has governed Gioco del Ponte in the past two years, it shows indisputably, despite the many difficulties of column emia and the impossibility of Giving life to the event, the game world did not stand still, but nevertheless wanted to roll up its sleeves to ensure a long and better future for this wonderful tradition.”

“To get to the new regulation – explains Commander-in-Chief Roberto Tonini – we created a working group where I involved both my leadership and representatives of the whole judiciary. It is difficult to solve some of the mechanisms of Gioco del Ponte, but we all managed to do a great job: we thought above all about the future of Gioco del Ponte Ponte, in which the management has invested a lot, in fact I would say that what has been invested in these three years has never been done in the 30 years of Gioco del Ponte has been introduced into the list, we have minimized the wedges under the fighters’ boots, we have restricted the possibility of Dual tasks to get more people involved in the game We set a 5-year period for leaders to change sides, while we introduced a ban on changing sides for those appointed by the mayor.Finally, we set the minimum age at 70 for roles in the game and established that the behavior of extras, fighters and all The participants in the game must be shown the utmost respect, especially by the extras, who must always remain dressed for the duration of the event, as well as impose penalties on those who fail.”

“We greatly appreciate the spirit of participation of all the workers and all the people who make the bridge play possible,” declared Luca Ricoveri, Lieutenant-General of Mezzogiorno. We thank the municipal administration and the Commander in Chief who have involved the parts in this work of amending the regulations. In the work we have been involved in, we have tried to improve the timing of the battle as much as possible, in an effort to make it certain, without distorting the bylaws too much. It was a remarkable feat where, incredibly, the parties left their colors and representation aside and put the general interest of the event at the fore.” “With the new regulations – said Federico Bocinelli, Lieutenant Tramontana – we tried not to disturb the foundations of Gioco del Ponte. The battle remained the same as before, but we tried to improve the equipment of the fighters: shoes, belts, cushions were organized in a more elaborate way. All this work we did It was also intended to speed up event times, reduce existing downtime, and in the coming years we will try to see if there are more improvements.

“I would like to emphasize – added Matteo Baldassari, General Tramontana – what both the Commissioner and the Commander have said: It is not easy to change things in the game, and it is a complex machine, where there are many actors, whose ways of thinking have settled and taken root over the years. We appreciated the participation of Orders and Judiciary, trying to do as much choral work as possible: surely it was a longer task, but walking together we achieve more.The right way, which is to have all parties and protagonists in the action, to come together to improve the game, and make it more usable for the audience.It will be the game of this The year is a testing ground for tweaking the shot in the coming years, but the important thing was to start something and change it. In these years of the pandemic, the board member said, we worked to secure the game and, most importantly, save on the event.”

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