World premiere, Mayweather vs. Don Moore!

Talking about the digital revolution that has overtaken the entire global economy now seems superfluous, but every day we have an absolute novelty. Many early adopters, or rather.

When we talk about NFT, we could mistakenly imagine artists selling digital artwork on the web, but we’ve gone beyond that for now.

Today we’re talking about one of the absolute novelties that has blanketed the world of international sports, resonating with fans like some of the other announcements: Floyd Mayweather vs Don Moore, in NFT’s first pay-per-view show.

The announcement of the exclusive sporting event can be read on, which writes:

According to the official statement released Wednesday by the Global Titans Fight Series, the exhibition match between Mayweather and Don Moore will take place on May 14 and will feature an exclusive pay-per-view live broadcast for NFT ticket holders.

This sheer novelty of the world of sports rocks the masses, but how could it not be otherwise?

All crypto-asset enthusiasts are swept away by this great initiative and we can only see in all of this a kind of test bed to determine the modalities of any future events.

We are not just talking about any match, the two fighters are legends of combat sports and the ecstasy is high in the sky!

On the other hand, the non-fungible tokens market is witnessing an exponential growth that is set to not stop as mentioned in Repubblica:

“However, in the world of sports – as reported by Sports Pro Media – the value of the NFT market will grow to $75 billion by 2025 and this is largely due to the boom in sales of sports icons. In addition, recent economic studies have predicted that In 2022 NFT transactions will exceed $2 billion with its purchase of 5 million people.”

The expected billions worth of the market in question, already this year, bodes well for the application of this technology in many other upcoming events.even if it is not yet known.

However, today we cannot help but notice that if this digital asset is used for this extraordinary event, many will follow with a very high probability.

Athletes from all over the world are also taking advantage of all the possibilities offered by DApps and Defi to be able to invest their personalities and talents in sports.

On the other hand, the trend is clear, with Cointelegraph even writing about just how revealing the blockchain and its related tools are to mathematicians:

“Non-fungible tokens and digital assets are one of the top ten trends in the world of sports, according to the latest Sport Outlook 2022 report, compiled by consultancy Price Waterhouse Coopers (PwC).”

right or not, Now we are enjoying the details of the current sporting event, with a flavor of Non-Fungible-tokenan episode between Floyd Mayweather and Don Moore!

Announcing the world’s first pay-per-view NFT!

Sports is one of the most important and most followed industries of all time, which does not go unnoticed.

For the first time ever, it will be possible to access a boxing match only by purchasing custom NFTs that will see Floy Mayweather and Don Moore face off in Dubai, right on top of the Burj Al Arab, a luxury hotel 700 meters above sea level. sea ​​level.

The exceptional thing is that there will be 20 VIP seats which will cost £150,000, paid only in cryptocurrency at 65 Ethereum.

In The Sun we read about the sensational announcement:

What’s even more unusual is that tickets are only available in sports NFT format and currently cost 65 Ethereum, which is close to £150,000.

NFT is a digital asset that represents things from the real world — in this case a ticket — and grants rights to its owner.”

Currently, half of the VIP tickets have been purchased while the rest of the pay-per-view tickets are still available. The event will take place on May 14, 2022!

How to buy NFT tickets?

The methods are almost identical, but not everyone can figure out how to do it.

Non-fungible tokens for the match can be purchased from LIVENow at a price of £14.99 with which you can access a pay-per-view match that creates a historic moment in the sport.

Another way is to buy two NFT tickets on Rarible, the platform where Floyd Mayweather presents his “non-fungible art” collection.

Watching the live event does not require any password or other data to log in. rather, NFT ticket owners need to connect their supported digital wallet to the Rarible platform and access is provided instantly.

Here is the Global Titans’ tweet on the matter:

There were also two tickets to the Rarible livestream while waiting for the start bell.

How does Raible work? Here are the details on the NFT platform selected for the episode!

The platform specializes in the acquisition, conversion and trading of non-fungible tokens.

Today, Rarible works in a very simple way: anyone can sign up for the page, create an account, and sell their art in NFT format.

The platform also has a large community in which the most followed opinion and trend of the users can be checked in order to provide the ideas most in line with the market demand.Preferred to meet supply and demand.

To create an NFT on the platform, it is necessary to connect your wallet, pay a small commission to the site and enter the product that must be converted into a token. If everything is as it should be, our product will be finished and ready for sale!

It is also rarely secure, never touches our wallet without permission and always requires authentication from the owner before every transaction as shown on its official page:

When you link your wallet to Rarible, you only authorize us to ‘display the addresses of your allowed accounts,’ which means we can’t withdraw anything from your wallet.

Simple and intuitive!

Floyd Mayweather tries to win back fans with NFTs

The technology behind Non-Fungible-Tokens is one of the most secure on the market today.

But One of the contenders, and in particular Mayweather, is associated with many ups and downs in this type of market, and for him the goal of the sporting event is sure to re-evaluate his personality in the eyes of the masses.

In fact, many of the famous boxer’s NFT projects turned out to be water holes due to the superficial promotion of the athlete, destroying $5 million from fans.

Here’s what we read in TweakTown about YouTube’s Covizela accusations:

“Floyd NFT Mayweather, Floyd’s World, and Bored Bunny. Each of Mayweather’s touted projects has fallen so dramatically in value that Mayweather did not follow the published project schedule.”

This isn’t the first time a celebrity has pushed their fans over the edge by making unfulfilled promises or by heightening the enthusiasm that they were destined to die badly.

A double edged sword event based on our NFT for our Floyd? Maybe not.

Why does FloydMayweather sell tickets in the NFT?

The cryptocurrency market and all digital assets have now dominated.

Sports in particular have grabbed the throat as they seize the opportunity, exploring the most unimaginable terrain that has proven fruitful, so it is not surprising that internationally renowned athletes have embraced projects like the one in Dubai.

Floyd Mayweather, despite his aforementioned botched actions, cannot be excused from this trendEven for the possibility of redeeming himself in the eyes of admirers.

On the other hand, the hero recently presented his character “Mayweavers” another project aimed at restoring confidence in the famous boxer.details of which are already known which perhaps the sporting event will help shed light on.

On the evening of NFT, here’s what we read about some of the details that have already been leaked:

“In fact, there are 5,000 Mayweverse NFTs. These are five different NFT cards, each containing 1,000 NFTs and varying levels of rarity, facilities, and rewards.”

do you understand now? The hero does not aim to leave a bad taste in the mouths of the masses, on the contrary, he wants to astonish speculators by showing himself engaged in digital assets like never before, and re-evaluating himself.

It’s clear that Don Moore would benefit from it too and don’t be surprised if a new batch of his work comes out soon, especially after meeting at the Burj Al Arab!

Who will be the winner, Mayweather, Moore or the NFTs?

Whoever wins in the ring, this show that awaits us all on May 14th will be unprecedented.

All three have what it takes to break records, Floyd and Moore have numbers and talent on their side, but the spotlight is all on the novelty of the first pay-per-view NFT!

The enthusiasm of sports and digital enthusiasts couldn’t be more understandable and I agree with you.

At Ansa we talk about history and after all it’s really what we write:

“Global Titans NFT tickets represent a critical time when sports and technology fans are taking a giant leap in changing the way people interact with live entertainment.”

All that remains is to buy tickets and wait for the live broadcast of the match, which features these three giants.

The history is there and the place is too and the anxious anticipation certainly begins.

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