English Premier League, Players Bitcoin Salary!

There are many football fans and they are getting closer and closer to the world of cryptocurrency, thanks to the agreement that has been created between this sector and the sports sector.

Nothing, One of the latest news that has caused upheaval within one of the world’s most popular and well-known leagues, the English Premier League, has accelerated the entry into the crypto industry in an amazing way.

We are in 2018 when British football is approaching Bitcoin for the first time, with the first agreement signed for several clubs belonging to the British League.

I still remember the news reported by La Repubbilca:

“This is not the first time they have sponsored a team in the Premier League, but it is the first time they have paid to associate the name with football teams not with Sterling, but with Bitcoin. In fact, virtual currencies take to the field in the league more closely followed to the world.”

Cryptocurrencies have come a long way since then, and today they can count hundreds of agreements in the sports world, with long-term and other contracts just signed around the world in terms of their size and novelty.

Today, however, another step forward that again looks interesting to the British is emphasized: Players will be able to choose to pay with digital currency such as Bitcoin.

Certainly not many will be surprised, but it’s a nice change that goes against the tide when we think of all those who are still critical of the digital sector.with the risks associated with it.

However, what we read in The Mirror suggests the next steps for English players, regardless of others’ assumptions:

“Premier League players may soon start asking for part of their salary to be paid in cryptocurrency after former Arsenal full-back Kieran Gibbs explained why he received half his salary in bitcoin.”

What we often need on these occasions is simply an advancean intruder breaks through the doors of tradition and begins to give life to the new path.

Gibbs was just that, and now it’s no surprise that many others will soon be able to emulate him and adopt his own strategy, preferring Bitcoin over payments with sterling or other fiat currencies.

Is this crazy or a very logical move?

We will find out soon Nothing seems to change the opinion of the Arsenal champion either because the market is booming and there is a risk of missing out on a train that could make a fortune in the coming yearsAs explained by many Bitcoin and cryptocurrency experts.

In fact, we read at Forbes about the expected expansion of the crypto market in the coming years:

“A recent Nielsen report predicts that spending on cryptocurrency in sports will reach $5 billion by 2026.”

Among the multi-million dollar deals from famous clubs and footballers who have married the crypto king, as well as several other Altcoin and blockchain projects, it does not seem strange now to demand that they be paid in bitcoin.

So let’s see what can drive English players to rate and why they don’t choose to be paid in cryptocurrency.

Premier League for Sportsmen: Want Pounds or Bitcoin?

The news is not so old and these days it is really spreading around the world via the web.

It is no mystery that there is strong interest across the channel between cryptocurrency, sports, as well as other sectors increasingly intertwined with digital assets.

However, we are now witnessing a historic change where footballer salaries, often several million, can be paid in bitcoin or other cryptocurrency.

To better understand this, it is necessary to investigate the interest shown by the players by requesting the possibility, as explained on the page’s latest news in English:

“Premier League players asked if they receive part of their salary in cryptocurrency after Kieran Gibbs became one of the first footballers to receive part of his salary in Bitcoin.”

This request was taken into account, but everything remains a mystery, although according to Kieran Gibbs, its implementation is much easier than expected.

How will the responsible sports institutions and bodies react?

Was Gibbs the first to order bitcoins? no!

Anyone who is passionate about football can only know the Arsenal full-back.

Kieran Gibbs is one of the heroes of English football and has always had a passion for the cryptocurrency world.

Certainly if we talk about the English Premier League we can say that he was the first who decided to receive 50% of his salary in BitcoinBut we cannot attribute to him absolute primacy as an athlete who pays him with cryptocurrency.

Others have already carried them through the channel, just read here and there to see that the world of football and other sports is full of athletes who have bet on Bitcoin.

The first footballer to be credited with primacy on NSSS Sports, David Barrall, can be read:

“Actually, this transfer would not be relevant, had it not been that Baral would be the first footballer in history to be paid entirely in Bitcoin.”

If we consider other sports, know that even in the NFL, many players have chosen to be paid with cryptocurrency.

Just to name a big name, Russell Okung attacked the Carolina Panthers agreed to transfer about $6 million of his salary to mobile payment company Strike to buy bitcoin investments.

But why did the Arsenal fullback choose cryptocurrencies over pounds?

Gibbs spoke to several athletes and spoke to several of his teammates before and after his decision.

It seems that a lot of Premier League players are increasingly interested in converting their wages to Bitcoin and this practice does not seem very complicated.

One of the reasons Kieran Gibbs transferred half of his salary to crypto is because of his passion as much as he wants to increase knowledge of the sector as much as possible.

He even stated in a recent interview that he doesn’t care much about other people’s decisions, but hopes they’ll listen to him, or so it seems on iNews:

“I know a lot of guys, they called and asked for information. I don’t tell them what to do, but I tell them why I did it and let people make the decisions themselves. Maybe one or two listen to me.”

If the solidarity of an athlete is not enough to spread the word of bitcoin, sooner or later the market will, but in the meantime, Gibbs has taken the trouble to take the next step among his fellow Premier League.

Not just salaries, but bonuses and deals paid in bitcoin and cryptocurrency!

Of course, the cryptocurrency world wasn’t just about paying salaries.

Years ago, several million English clubs began to sign agreements, and if you do not remember one, know that Liverpool is evaluating several new agreements with blockchain companies and Manchester City with a multi-million dollar agreement in favor of the OKX platform.

In short, cryptocurrencies have penetrated the channel!

In 2020, it was already announced that the transfers of British players could be signed in Bitcoin, and it is not surprising that even today bonuses are awarded in this way.

Even in 2021, as we read at U° Today, Southampton Football Club is already in favor of this opportunity:

“Southampton Football Club has signed a new sponsorship deal with cryptocurrency-based betting operator Sportsbet that includes the ability to receive performance-based Bitcoin rewards.”

How do we judge Gibbs’ rash or still argue that the Premier League is not one of the biggest sports facts that underpin Bitcoin & Co.?

In my opinion, impossible!

Not many agree: Is it a risk to be paid in Bitcoin?

Modernity is frightening and often criticized for simply having time to adapt to it.

The value of cryptocurrencies is undeniable, and with their ups and downs, they have long made their way into the sports industry.

But, Experts warn thatIf you are not careful, English football can enter a dangerous and completely unregulated worldthus risking consequences if it moves too quickly.

The danger is obvious, isn’t it? Volatile assets such as Bitcoin can lose value and today’s star can see his income evaporateas well as seeing the self enter a whole new world in which the role of institutions is still unclear.

Despite this, many members of British politics are skeptical of the British modus operandi, which they still see behind on the issue of “digital assets”, risking being overtaken by other competing countries.

The country really does not want to be left behind, doubts do not matter, we must move fast!

Very Positive Expectations for the Synergy Between Sports and Bitcoin

The meeting of cryptocurrency, bitcoin and football has all it takes to become one of the most profitable synergies ever!

Not for nothing, Calcio e Finanza wrote:

“Tottenham and Leicester have moved in the same direction, signing an agreement with eToro to get paid in bitcoin and other teams in the same league are moving in that direction: it is not hard to believe that in a few years the Premier League will become a powerful football league.” very much in taking care of these coins.”

With the cryptocurrency market so explosive, and always in turmoil, it wouldn’t be surprising if one of the world’s richest leagues decided to marry Bitcoin and other Altcoins, rather than blockchain and NFT, and capitalize on them as much as they can.

On the other hand, the Nielsen report shows that the movement of sponsorship and general use of digital currencies, NFT and blockchain in the sports landscape will increase by 778% compared to 2021.

It is now clear that famous footballers want to get part or all of their salaries in Bitcoin, don’t you think?

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