The Aid, Energy and Renewable Energy Ordinance: The New Concessions

In the Cabinet a new package of economic aid, advances: bill discounts, fuel price cuts, renewable incentives.

In the coming days, the Cabinet is expected to give the green light to help new companies and families in the face of crises, and a new package of interventions against expensive energy and fuel, including an extension of the reduction in tax duties on gasoline until June 30 and discounts on the energy bill until September 30. .

=> Help Decision: Extension of discounts and bills on petroleum

The government and the Ministry of Finance are working first on Help Decree, to respond as accurately as possible to requests from the political world through the majority decision approved on the margins of the DEF, while also taking into account requests received directly from the social partners, both from the business world and from trade unions. At this moment is Except for the budget differencefor which we are working on translating “Kinz” 5-6 billion dollars It is still available.

Among the interventions aimed at protecting the purchasing power of payrollThere is one hypothesis Tax exemption (Discounted subscription rate) for middle-income workers. In the same maximum package of interventions, an extension is also expected to September 30 for the first SAL of 30% needed for Superbonos Villas and lighting poles for Fourth Waiver of Credit.

=> Super Bonus Villas, towards the SAL stretch at the end of September

For an additional – and more substantial – slice of assistance (perhaps also in the form of compensation), the Executive is awaiting the intervention of the European Union, which operates on the basis of the Covid experience, allowing to identify an organized cry of paradoxical interventions to the economic crisis associated with the war in Ukraine, so as not to have to Acting solely on national resources (the so-called war recovery).

Among the new requests for the policy, which were not included in the majority decision, we also note: the introduction of value-added tax on basic food products such as bread and milk; energy allowance for less affluent families (plus social bonus); Discounts on public transport tickets.

In the background, there are greats fixes in the place. In addition to financial authorization (With cadastral reform, property rental tax review and flat tax evasion system) Important new revisions to the law are currently underway aimed at streamlining bureaucracy and streamlining production processes, starting with those in the field Renewable energyintended to give a new acceleration of the ecological transition.

=> Domestic PV: New Simplifications at the Beginning

As expected by the Minister of Public Administration, Renato Brunetta, new interventions are on the way to simplify the licensing procedures aimed at generating wind energy and PV, with a kind of liberalization for the installation of solar, thermal and photovoltaic panels in public and private buildings. These measures should be included in the €6 billion aid decree expected in CdM by the end of this week.

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