Virgo and Sagittarius should be avoided

In our lucky horoscope rankings for this week of May 2-8, 2022, we will find a lot of sweetness in the signs of fire and great intellectual energies in the air signs. On the other hand, water signs can still count on Mars on their side: great passion and determination.

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The lucky tag rankings for the week of Monday 2nd to Sunday 8th May 2022 will see some great comeback and inevitable shocks. Mercury actually enters Gemini and would make the air signs very interesting and beautiful. On the other hand, Venus passes into Aries and from there makes the fire signs sweet and gentle.

Horoscope, ranking of the most fortunate signs for the next week

With Mercury in Gemini and Mars in Pisces, I would say that stability between thought and action would be just a mirage. Especially Sagittarius and Virgo will be affected.

12. Virgo

Manco Mercury is more to your favour, dear Virgo! So, if we dealt with your bad mood up until last week in the face of the really great answers you gave, we wouldn’t have that deterrent anymore. You’ll feel like the kid who was put behind the board in elementary school with donkey ears…but you won’t have any intention of regretting your pranks.

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11. Capricorn

We are so used to having you at our disposal and even with a smile on our lips not even forcing it. Unfortunately, the free ride is over and the planet of love (Venus) starts looking at you again. You puff and paw like a cat forced to shower every time your partner cuddles you like a scoop of ice cream snuggles on a slice of apple pie. You don’t want to hear about sweets.

10. Libra

Share your opinion and in this regard, you definitely do not need to be motivated. On the other hand, you’ll be more critical of the judges of Dancing With the Stars with those who don’t keep time. The idea of ​​lying to please someone does not touch the waiting room of your mind: everyone who has to deal with you should know right away that you will be very honest and ruthless.

9. Sagittarius

Your mind is really trapped, like a monument to be restored and it is better not to approach it because there is a grave danger of unfounded jokes and arguments. Chatting with you will be just as sweet and inviting as going to the dentist when you see the patient coming out with a swollen, sore face. I definitely recommend organizing individual hobbies.

8. Cancer

You know the little angel face you always flaunt, even involuntarily, and need it passage Even when you make some mistakes and need forgiveness? Here, forget this week! And if we look carefully, we’ll likely see you even the Little Devil’s Plait. It can all be very exciting, too.

7. Gemini

Your intellectual arrogance will never be defeated. It must be said that you are smart and brilliant, but you have absolute certainty that you are the best mind on the field. It’s all because Mercury, the planet of thought, has landed in your sign and is ready to stay there for a while. For this, you are ready to stir up controversy on any topic, even those about whom you do not know much.

6. Aquarius

Almost all of your pleasures will be intellectual and we will see you with your own eyes pondering some small unassuming thoughts about your tour guide and English teacher. To win you over, you have to go into your little head and impress the very demanding neurons. We love challenges!

5. Scorpio

Finally you will return to the possession of your mental abilities, so now nothing will stop you and no one will stop you from wanting to conquer the world, not hearts. You cannot stand the fact that, over time, she does not look at you with a certain appetite. You really want to kill the suitors.

4. bull

You are a sweetheart and your only goal from the early hours of the day is to be able to enjoy life as much as possible without neglecting anyone. You are basically a beneficiary of satisfaction: it will allow us to be next to you without smiling only time to blow our noses.

3. Pisces

With this Mars remaining in your sign, you will amaze us with instant, impulsive and even unscrupulous decisions that would be the envy of a Wall Street broker. You are willing to risk it all and that feeling of a reckless life as a spy at Scotland Yard turns you on a lot. You don’t have time to get bored.

2. Leo

There is love for redemption and above all it should be clear who is responsible. here you are. Especially as a couple. Now that you have no doubt that you are worthy of honor, love and diamonds, you forget about your cat ears in the rain and pull your nails. You have to go back and you will be very selective.

1. Aries

Love is definitely overwhelming and all you want to do is make it hard all day. Whatever your duties and plans. You have eyes on the heart like a Japanese comic and you are a warm and sincere hug that restores confidence in yourself and in the world at large. Basically, you should be served free as coffee in the morning.

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