What is happening now to Mino Raiola players, an artistic legacy of over 700 million

Mino Raiola has managed to create a real empire in the football world, using a few trusted collaborators. This is what could happen to his stable now.

Mino Raiola He left an indelible mark on the world of football. In the past few hours, there have been countless messages from the attorney general who passed away at the age of 54 after a long battle against the disease. First of all, these are players that Mino helped in their growth and prove themselves and who have now lost their leadership. What will happen now, how will Raiola’s team be structured? The only thing that is certain is that the legacy that Mino left and what he sowed during an exceptional career will not be lost. Indeed, in the note in which the family announced his death, one can read: “His project will be carried out to make the world of football a better place for footballers with the same passion“.

Raiola is the classic example of a “self-made man”, that is, a man who has made his fortune. With his insight and ability, the 1967 class of Nocera Inferiore was able to create Empire in the world of football. An impressive team, which over the years has managed to raise the bar even more by ensuring the management of some of the strongest and most promising players in the world. From Nedved, to Pogba, Ibrahimovic to Balotelli, passing by Donnarumma, Verratti, de Vrij, Keane, Gravenberch, Dumfries, etc., up to his current finest pieces Haaland and de Ligt. Currently, the technical assets of the player group are about 700 million euros.

A constant, direct and above all human relationship with all his players for Mino Raiola who, precisely to maintain this unique, insoluble and non-distracting feeling, has over the years created a team with whom he has worked. Few people, but all of them super trustworthy, are able to move in unison as if they were the prosecutor’s right arm. It all started at the Montecarlo headquarters, a simple but welcoming location and true hub of the Raiola universe, which also stretched across Ireland and England. Several companies under his management such as Best Kick Sports Limited, Topscore Sports Limited, ISport WorldWide Ltd, Uuniqq, Sportman and Blue Brands Limited.

Ibrahimovic visits Raiola in hospital, Balotelli on social media: “I love you, Mino”

Many collaborators are willing to work in different regions of the world, but few permanent members of Raiola’s team, whom Mino also allowed to take his place. The main character in this sense is the cousin Vincenzo Raiolawhich mainly focused on the Italian market. It was him in recent times, the one whose “King of Procuratorate” had to battle disease, who has managed many of the hottest work situations. Only a few days ago, in fact, Enzo was in Turin, to meet Juventus and talk about De Ligt and Pellegrini, whose future has not yet been written.

Vincenzo Raiola in Continassa in recent days

Vincenzo Raiola in Continassa in recent days

The other main character, who has lived with Mino Raiola in the past difficult months was Raffaella Pimenta. The former lecturer in international law at the University of São Paulo, as well as a lawyer, dealt with the legal management of several Raiola players (and not only because rumors also revealed that he managed the social networks of some of them). Haaland the past, who could change his shirt by the millions next summer. It was Pimenta, who was discovered by Raiola in Brazil in 2003 on a project linked to a football school, who moderated some meetings to assess the future of Norwegian talent. Hence they are Vincenzo Raiola and Raffaella Pimenta Now the main suspects are to lead the team that has lost its creator and leader.

So Raiola’s empire will continue, because Mino has cultivated so well. It certainly wouldn’t be easy for him to replace the attorney general, especially given his human skills and tough competition. In fact, Raiola has made empathy and the ability to form a feeling with his clients a factor. Qualities that are difficult to learn because they are innate, unlike management or managerial practices. The desire to make the “King of Plaintiffs” business grow in recent times will certainly remain an important motivator.

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