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Institutional investors believe in cryptocurrencies and recommend them to their clients. to detect it Bitstampdata report encoder pulse In the hand: the 68% of professional operators suggesting investments in digital assets for clients.

The research examined a fairly large sample of professionals, with 23,000 retail promoters and 5,500 professional investors responders. from the last, Only 6.4% do not recommend Investments in cryptocurrency. 8% of the sample said they do not know enough about the topic, while 15.2% prefer to buy digital assets, but pay special attention.

Promoters are now looking for crypto assets for their clients as well

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Institutions and Retail: All Cryptocurrencies Agree

And to spark curiosity and positive repercussions, there is another fact: Institutional and individual investors agree in their will increase their investment in cryptocurrencies, over the next five years.

To pursue this strategy, the 72% of professionalsand 73.1% of retail investors. If we consider that 40% of the total started dealing with digital assets only two years ago, the data is more encouraging.

“Institutional investors are now actively recommending cryptocurrencies to their clients, and retail investors are only beginning to use cryptocurrencies outside of trading. This is a key area to watch in subsequent waves, to assess how the current financial climate is driving the adoption of cryptocurrencies outside of the original ecosystem.”

The turmoil surrounding the cryptocurrency market is also evidenced by the willingness of institutional investors to investigate. In the Bitstamp report, 33.8% of the interviewees stated that they wanted to expand their knowledge in the sector, while 30% plan for increase the width of cryptocurrencies.

There is optimism among market participants

The high interest on the part of institutional investors is added to what the countries have already shown – a symbol of The case of the Central African Republic – On the topic of cryptocurrency e Bitcoin. A situation that should not take long to warn his parents positive effects In the markets, though performance Not particularly bright that has been recorded for some time.

also Goldman Sachs He sent strong signals in this direction, proposing himself as the first subject to give a Bitcoin secured loan. The interest of large companies must be guaranteed in financing a Important revenue Liquidity, allowing the entire ecosystem to recover after a period of relative decline.

Therefore, despite the protracted lateral movements for a very long time, we have a very encouraging picture, at least according to the direct operators. This will be able to restart the engines as soon as it A period of great uncertainty in financial markets We hope they are finally behind us.

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