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(fn) – The secret of success, according to ASL’s pervasive leaders school of thought, is certainly discretion, as well as careful care in selecting collaborators, generally a few but good, as well as the ability to monitor and prevent all from the same, from closest to the last rung of the circle, magically by love or by force. But … the higher you go up the ladder of the “coffins” contaminated with oil, the less safe the last rung of the ladder itself becomes, albeit for the sake of safety and the classic tendency of steam masters to move with a certain caution, it happens that it becomes excessive and in some cases obsessive … For example … what is generally defined as a “news leak” which sometimes even happens accidentally, is seen in certain places of power as a terrible ordeal and it happens that noble leaders of the type of the Sultan of Brunei, loaned to the ASL technical office, born Vincenzo Magneta , they should work to prevent it, with the same care they would take, to design an anti-atomic or anti-aircraft bunker. In order to prevent the disclosure of plans and projects, with the smell of “antique cufficia”, as some claim evil, ugly, filthy and evil … Good and diligent Magneta, send to all employees of the UOC Hospital Edilizia e PP Investimento and for information to the brotherly friend and managing director, Amedeo Blasotti, a detailed item relating to methods for using personal computer workstations and for accessing documents. It seems obvious, how in this act a spirit so disrespectful to roles and dignity, of absolute kind and nature, mere ‘ntecchia, arrogant, appears from Magnetta in an obvious way … sorry, we meant … ‘saving’. Moreover, by Judgment 96 of April 19, duly recorded, the formidable Magnetta, from whom nothing escapes or is unwilling to escape anything, has reorganized the entire administrative district of the Technical Service. In the arrangement it can be seen that the good and trustworthy Bruno Bozon, despite being a surveyor, continues to carry out administrative activities related to the office, with placement in the protocol office and the bidding office. Notwithstanding the de facto “administrative” qualifications assigned to Puzone by the almighty Magnetta, it is said, of his “real” and “practical” function in the field, that the knowledge of Puzone in terms of technical and administrative functions, may seem so limited, that its first task , every morning, is to prepare and serve coffee, exclusively, to Dr. Mariangela Annunziata, newly appointed head of the administrative region for the construction of the hospital and PP Investiment UOC, under the competence of “August”, all technical personnel are assembled, with the special exception of the Coffee Palace, by the engineer Ciro Ferrandis , who can drink coffee without problems, thanks to the intercession of Dr. Annunziata. Once the morning commitments are over, among which is the front line to lock the Magnetta door if he moves too far and block anyone’s access, the tireless Puzone, as we know, is destined to provide and oversee the Blasotti parking lot. Well, speaking of Blasotti, Magnetta and visits by car to various companies, for example in Casoria, who are interested in the sanitary construction business … it is hardly necessary to highlight the diligence of examinations, especially Blasotti … one of the habits of the managing director of ASL In Caserta, in fact, it is precisely to check every morning, the status of payments in favor of professionals and companies located in Casoria, Afragola and in the Neapolitan region. Generally, suppliers are settled 90 days after the invoice is issued. On the other hand, Plassoti demands payments in favor of those who, according to him, are clearly the best, already a few days after the bills are issued. On the other hand, companies and professionals in the Caserta region and other regions can wait for months and months, so… Who do you want Caserta to care about? Dried figs? Obviously no one is breathing… and that is exactly the point… no one is breathing at all and silence is the only reason health care in the province of Caserta is exactly what it is… but… for some time, Instead of harassing and harassing operators of economic and financial services, to speed up “interesting” payments, a good Blasotti seems to give the coordinates directly to a trusted person, who heads a sensitive position and knows what to do with it, avoiding the involvement of too many employees … Really Blasotti is someone who knows How he frugal at everything, a true genius in financing de noautri and does not end there, because while he dictates the administrative coordinates, he seems to do so does not skimp on kindness and also serves coffee, cappuccino and brioche in the best Norman pastry shops. So you do it, Hassan Blasouti! An example for everyone! But who would have thought that under a solid and staunch armor as befits a warrior, a tender and generous heart throbbed that did not despise the offering of croissants and pizza to collaborators? Speaking of controls … but … given that nothing escapes Blasotti and Magnetta, needless to say that to win the tender to outsource engineering services in the design phase and in the implementation phase of contracts and enhance UOC capacity building for technical maintenance “referred to in Resolution 1283 dated August 10, 2021, will be Arethusa Srl…mythologically and fashionably…sin is not in Athena but in Casoria…Hasta la suerte!

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