Bitcoin, exchanges and cryptocurrencies | Closes worst April since 2008 – Analysis

The worst has just closed April to Nasdaq from 2008 It continues to thicken clouds On financing in general and in the market encryption In particular, with Bitcoin What a struggle to come back 40 thousand dollars And Ethereum Who is struggling to restore 3000 Dollars.

A situation that has also been confirmed in anticipation of future cases Rising prices that you promised feed it, which should be soon now – but with some news on the horizon that could quickly reverse the markets’ fate. All in place General It would be useful to analyze from all possible angles.

Blood on Nasdaq, will Bitcoin become an escape route?

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The worst Nasdaq since 2008 – and in that vein, crypto…

there for whom Bitcoin And for the rest of the cryptocurrency market, he insisted on seeing the glass half empty, when in fact we have to rejoice in the balance around the sector’s performance. At least compared to general market conditions.

Worst month since it officially ended two days ago 2008 to Nasdaqwhich remains the most representative stock index in the world and an indication that the risk markets are not in the right conditions, at least for the time being.

To weigh, in addition to the following The Fed promised to raise interest rates Even every three months which for most companies was unattractive. A very complex overall situation for investors, with institutions that seem to have already accomplished a significant amount risk.

However, the current situation, unless you want to copy a script to a file 2008can bring feed it to revise its plans to introduce more low-cost liquidity injections to determination of death It still smells Metaphor.

The Fed lied, and now the Fed is afraid

However, the elephant in glassware that no one talks about is this: Powell It is clear that he lied to the consolidated networks about a thriving situation in the real world. Florida to the point that she can handle horse care.

Matters, with the Nasdaq and New York Stock Exchange quarterly reports mourning the misery, this is clearly not the case, just as it is clear that horse care will probably work on the sick person, meaning to kill him and save him from further suffering.

In such a case, worry Bitcoin or Ethereum Or maybe other crypto assets are useless, because everything will revolve around the magic words that Piper will utter over the next day. Federal Open Market Committee. Magic words can definitely be more aromatic Given the basics he was aiming for feed it It will actually look nothing.

stagnation or not? Either way Bitcoin can shine

Another important question that will take care of markets The coming months is now clear Recession. we had The first quarter of the decline in GDP in the United Stateswhich if followed by another would confirm the fears of those who were considered Cassandra until recently.

A recession that can still bring a heavy price to the world procedures Based on risky assets Generally. This, together with the monetary base now tightening too much, may well be the reversal of a long period of growth in the sector, starting with the recent crisis.

But according to some analysts – Including big boxes A prolonged crisis situation can help Bitcoin To separate itself once and for all from the stock sector and to exercise some kind of autonomy also in Moslahat market trend.

It’s hard to say now, but we still have to point out how to actually do it Bitcoin She was born to shine when things get especially complicated. Which is confirmed by the fact that even in front of a file terrible month Like April For all markets actually BTC dollars It hangs well over the most important supports.

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