Continuous training, research, sustainability and development of medicine: this is the strategic plan of the University of Trento for the coming years

Trento. “The Strategic plan that it document from Programming multi-yearThe road map that we try the frame All the choices strategic that will take place over the next few years.” And the ‘directionwho wants to move the University Trentoclearer presentation 2022 خطة plan2027 University’s president Flavio Deflorian, arose after more than public from I hear And Discussion inside social communication University And with the territory, and so begins”From the bottom“. The 52 posts Contained in floor (summary of 178 suggestions from from the University) will come true More than 6 years: The income it will be from 10 million dollars from euro for interventions in a program In the The first three years And Similar boxes You will allocate the rest three yearsallowing you to do so Point arrived in the middle road. The University’s president Meanwhile he asserts: “As for the polo shirt about science from life For us an item from didactics must stay a Trentoto Rovereto will work for research And cooperation with companies

I 120 in every Pages subordinate university plan from Trento for appetizers yearsat any guiding rules for university Trentino: 3 specific strategic areas (didacticsAnd research And The third task) And 4 The cluster that must be worked on in response to requests from the province and the university (CareAnd skillsAnd Science from life And medicine And Sustainability). I 2 Instead it is calledelements transverse“, This is”enablers And TechnologiesAnd the importance From the university’s absorption. So first it will be necessary the work to invent didactics and present the students formations Quality And comprehensiveidentified by the university, it is also interested in needs from social communication Universitywhile promoting research from high level and the Progress from Knowledge. Evolution who, in intentions UniTnmust be done together with province and for company of which the University considers itself a part.

In particular, select University’s president Deflorianit is necessary to understand within the show from the University from Trento “There is, too exercise continuousWe can’t do that anymore to focus Just there our training for us the studentsbut we have to Open even for one exercise who – which Salim Moreover World work“. Vision future So it is to become place of innovation during the provincewhich helps to form ‘not only professionals But future citizens“Hence preferably” the growth“From the same territory. The plan, then stressed the Vice Chancellor Andrea Fracassoto me two parts: “who collects lines strategic and the priority which contains the file specific actionsThe key word to explain everything priority from the University he is cooperation: in particular with regard to The third taskconfirmed Fracassothe goal is strengthen – strengthen The Link with the province focus on TelecommunicationsOn the Transfer from Knowledge And Technique and on Synergy with the The world of the regional school.

It is then believed, as also repeated before Deflorian University PresidentUniversity can work to new forms of exerciseEven for those on the outside from the University or do not want undertake a university courseand goals to achieve both the school from cooperation that FormId (The Competence Center for Teacher Training and Instructional Innovation), but will also be supported Initiatives from New PhD from research at cooperation With private entities or with public Administration. So it is necessary to evolve new shapes To get to these people, pointed out Fracasso, who are very different from the students And the students Registered in Courses from graduationme too Industrial PhD. another subject Basic Then one related to Science from life And medicine: The University of Trento actually aims to promote Activities from exercise from Average Quality under health HumanStarting to finish Master one course in Medicine And surgery.

Then we look to the future polo shirt to The Science from lifeAs mentioned Deflorian He repeated how “university” a job together with GovernorateFor context a Rovereto where I am Topics from Biotechnology And Science from life Met Business And they are working to cooperation‘, emphasizing that the hypothesis of city of oak he is “concrete” And “very useful‘, but it is connected above all with research And Applied Research link In the Development from the new Business. It all starts with “what Already therethe strong experience of food“. From the point of view preach Instead, it is connected tothe school from medicine“You will need to refer to structure healthy more important than province “today is santa ClearTomorrow we hope to new hospital regionalIt is necessary to have the school from medicine In short, the university also says localized to Trento and not a RoveretoWhere one will stay more oriented component to a world Business.

As for the match related bannerDeflorian emphasized: “The funding on research from stationed It’s on the base competitivewe expect that if to treat from Assess he is Grand And FlourThe Quality from research to Trento We must guarantee that Void there is we deserveAnd we think we deserve a lot spacesSeveral initiatives Performed on different topics from the University from Trento which, in the case of win overis likely to be valuable Finance for “several million from euroAt the same time, however, it is necessary to rememberSays University’s president from UniTn that Pnrr is not intended to revive the universitybut to revive Italy systemin this spirit we and the system Italian University we will talk sharing“.

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