lowers card benefits | CRO $ and the entire ecosystem are at a peak, but… Significantly reduces many Reward or reward connected to their cards, Reward or reward Obtained through staking of CRO dollarsdirectly and indirectly.

This has triggered, although it is procedures Which will be carried out the next day June 1which is the sales cycle that led to its decline CRO dollars, at price levels we haven’t seen in some time. A rather complicated mode of reading which led us to the analysis by

CRO $ collapses due to bonus cut

A good chance maybe to increase their chances Reserves from cro dollars? If we can find code obviously exchangeGo here for a free account with a bonus included – A broker that gives us the opportunity to invest in hundreds of cryptocurrencies through which we can access them Card which we are talking about in our in-depth analysis.

Beyond exchanges with Low commissionsAnd It also offers staking and superchargerto get passive income from private wallet of cryptocurrencies and a card system that, despite the cutbacks, is still very interesting. analyzes the advantages of crypto cards: it is an escape from $ CRO

We haven’t seen him since last November coin $ CRO At current price levels, that is, slightly higher $0.30 for a single symbol. A price that few could have imagined, because it was reached precisely as a result of the price collapse caused by a radical change in policies regarding Rewards Registered card holders

Why was there a dip? Simple: to get the cards you need to block in staking CRO dollars For quantities different from the level of paper we want to get. Missing some of the advantages gained through paper, markets believe that fewer users would be interested in that particular service.

Which will lead to, but the markets are once again doing this kind of assessment, and fewer people are looking for them CRO dollarsSignificantly reduces stress rising on the icon itself. The logic that on the one hand can also rotate, which on the other hand can already have contributed to the formation of a file lower Of any Restart Until soon.

New Visa Card Rewards

How to be Reward or reward Related Visa cards from Let’s see it together.

  • CRO Rewards Reduction in USD

This is the amount of rewards obtained directly in CRO dollars by users. for the card midnight bluewhich is the first entry level, there will be no more rewards (from a 1% from now), while for Ruby Steel We will move to 0.5% from 2% Stream. for the card Royal Indigo/Green Jade Move to 0.5% For those who do not have a share1.5 For those who have an active stake (currently you get 3%).

Also important discounts for the most important cards of the group i.e. frosted rose goldAnd icy white And obsidianwhich lose respectively 2% and the 3%. So the rewards in general are almost Half.

This is the maximum rewards in CRO dollars which can be obtained from the lower terminal cards. to me Ruby Steel We will have max $25 On a monthly basis, while for a couple Royal Indigo/Green Jade Cover will be A $50.

Looking at the glass half full: Is it a good time to fill the bags?

Such a significant reduction in the guaranteed rewards for card users can only lead to a strong sales cycle. But with the market pushing much less than last year, this move appears to be more necessary than one step freedom of choice Marketing department.

However, as often happens, the markets may react very violently in relation to the actual extent of the event. This would make these days CRO dollars at very low prices good chance for adventure. In fact, few would have imagined the vision CRO dollars at these price levels. We still have the token Our investment portfolioAnd we look forward to better times that can come once this storm passes.

Down also the entire ecosystem

The blow was also relatively hard on the ecosystem that revolves around Kronos seriesbecomes generally less palatable for investors. They paid a very high price MM Finance but also VVS.

Here too we encounter something more than a concept, hoping that once the storm has passed, the protocol will return to evolve in organic. The underlying assumptions are there, even if reducing incentives starting from the cards is still considered for our next choices.

All this with another unknown factor: what if Does it actually have some novelty in using ‘saved’ capital while reducing rewards? Concept then, and we conclude with a small argument, the cut. But maybe if it is done incrementally it will help users to accept it.

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