CryptoSmart: Services of the First Italian Crypto Exchange

Use Cryptocurrency It is a rapidly expanding phenomenon. Millions of people around the world decided to invest in this tool to get it earnBut that is not all: cryptocurrencies can offer many other advantages.

If you are looking for an easy, intuitive and transparent platform that is cryptocurrency exchange cryptosmart It could be the ideal solution: it The first Italian financial technology, known for the wide range of services offered. With Cryptosmart, customer interest is a priority, and among other things, its services are synonymous with transparency and security.

What is cryptosmart

Cryptosmart is the first Italian platform operated by a company based in Italy and subject to Italian legislation. Thanks to it, it is possible to use cryptocurrencies inreal economyIn the Cryptosmart market, in fact, it is possible to buy gift cards of the most famous brands of the Italian large distribution by paying in Bitcoin. With CSpay, every company can increase their sales, acquire new customers and accept payments in cryptocurrency.

Another service that can be particularly useful to users isCustomer service. In case of doubts or problems, you can contact the operator at any time conversation or far away Telephone. The operators are based in Italy and have a thorough knowledge of all the functions of applications and the world of cryptocurrency.

An app for everyone

The app was created to meet the needs of everyone, even those less experienced in this sector. The Founders They admitted, in fact, that

As entrepreneurs living in Italy, we realized that there is a lack of access to cryptocurrencies and digital assets in the country, especially for Ordinary people. there FinanceTo be truly democratic, it must be easy to understand and inexpensive. These are the pillars of Cryptosmart. We started with an exchange service, but our goal is that Allow everyone to use The Cryptocurrency In the’real economy“.

exchange service

Allows you to exchange service BuyAnd SellAnd Cryptocurrency Deposit or other digital goods without brokerage services. The user has complete autonomy and independence and can invest in cryptocurrencies and digital assets. Cryptosmart offers all major cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Dogecoin and Polkadot. With simple transfer You can perform the banking operation.

Moreover, thanks to the exchange service, it is possible to transfer cryptocurrencies that you already own, but are deposited in another account or are on another platform, to the platform.

storage service

Through the staking service it is possible to use your cryptocurrencies to participate in a mechanism proof of stake used before blockchain network To check transactions and register a “new block”. Thanks to Cryptosmart, it is also possible Get an award.

Those who use CryptoSmart wallet can increase their cryptocurrency. To do this, you only need to transfer a small portion of your crypto wallet. Every week we face the positive effects of the operation and Reward depends from Cryptocurrency type And from Quantity used for storage.

Finally, if the customer changes his mind, he can do so at any time to change L ‘Use of cryptocurrency Destined to the storage service.

CSpay service

Cryptosmart created a file Corporate specific service. Thanks to CSpay, businesses can do this Increased turnover By not restricting their customers and thus giving them the ability to pay through cryptocurrencies.

In this way, companies can send or collect cryptocurrency payments peer to peerAnd quickly and without intermediaries. As soon as the payment is registered in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency, it comes instantly Converted to Euro.

CSmarket خدمة Service

Thanks to CryptoSmart for the first time, cryptocurrencies can be used in real life. How do? The platform allows you to buy digital gift cards One of the best known brands of Italian large scale retail. From clothing to electronics, passing through clothing.

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