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Technique Blockchain It is constantly expanding and there is a lot of anticipation for one of the projects that has been considered among the rising stars of play-for-profit video games: My neighbor Alice.

My Neighbor Alice will be a game where anyone can collect things, socialize and own a house on a virtual island, practically a game “Metaverse Blockchain”.

The strength of this project is the union between a universe designed for gamers, that is, with exciting storytelling, and a world for fans of virtual reality and Crypto assets.

This is because each graphic resource will consist of a file NFT, Including the non-fungible symbol for ground Ie plots of land, which is in the case of my neighbor Alice parts of the islands.

at the moment my neighbor Alice It is waiting to be activated in beta, but there are many expansion and expansion projects.

leave aside “video game” The project also offers useful opportunities for those exclusively interested in investing in cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

Plus NFTs for objects collectibles And from LAND, the entire game economy of My Neighbor Alice is based on the original cryptocurrency ALICE, whose price trend is also influenced by the success of the game itself.

What is it, how does My Neighbor Alice work and what opportunities does it offer to earn with NFTs

My neighbor Alice will be a “build” according to a model “Farm”; A virtual reality inhabited by human and animal avatars where a NFT of EarthIn one of the metaverse islands, you can buy a portion of the land to be allocated and where to build real estate. It is clear that the modification of the NFT resource also increases its value in the market for purposes trade.

The metaverse from the standpoint of the setting is called an archipelago Lomilunda. By purchasing LAND NFT in addition to optimizing resources, you can do many activities such as fishing, beekeeping and beekeeping.

Alice, who will be yours “Close”, She is the protagonist of the game and you must help her to do some activities.

LAND NFTs: What you can do on a virtual island in the My Neighbor Alice metaverse

As for the Earth NFTThese are the islands where you can build and customize your own home, they are NFT in limited numbers. The Metaverse In fact, in general, partly specifically for the purpose of reproducing the real world, it is not infinite, since the scarcity of “lands” also determines the increase in the value of the corresponding non-fungible token.

To trade My Neighbor Alice NFTs, you can use both the shop Integrated where buying and selling is made using ALICE cryptocurrency, or alternatively, non-fong tokens can be transferred to your crypto wallet for trading on other exchange platforms.

At the moment, it is not possible to buy land in My Neighbor Alice Marketplace yet, but coinage subordinate NFT Reporters should be made soon, specifically Between 10 and 11 June 2022. However, in this first sale of NFT, in which 927 LANDs will be awarded, only buyers of ALICE cryptocurrency holders with a minimum bet amount will be allowed to participate. At this point, the cost of LAND NFT is 20 ALICE, i.e. 20% reduction Compared to the standard price of 50 ALICE per supplier.

LANDs are one of the primary resources where a large part of the gameplay will also take place, such as activities that are useful for the purpose of collecting other NFT resources.

There will be six islands in total 100,000 NFT land To be assigned to as many owners as possible.

Earn free collectible NFTs by playing video games that are played to earn

Implementation of activities in the metaverse my neighbor Alicei.e. playing a video game play to earn It leads to the collection of other objects, i.e. you get other resources NFT.

The strength of video games Blockchain In fact, it is precisely this to allow players to collect crypto resources for free, simply by playing, which they can then trade, that is, resell and earn.

The My Neighbor Alice NFT Collectibles will have a different rarity level, the higher the rarity and the higher the market value of the resource. Then some of these NFTs develop as the game progresses and this also increases their value.

ALICE Cryptocurrency was born. What is the new digital code?

Let’s leave the NFTs and get to cryptocurrencies, specifically the native token of Metaverse, or the ALICE digital currency on which the entire virtual reality economy depends.

ALICE will actually be used to purchase NFT resources, for example; It ERC-20 code Any compatible with the Ethereum Blockchain.

As for the My Neighbor Alice metaverse, it is built on the open source Chromia BlockchainAnd Which has a special ability to work The second layer of the other block chain, In this case Ethereum, so ALICE cryptocurrency can run on both.

How much is Gary Alice (Alice) and where to buy it

Currently the cryptocurrency My Neighbor Alice (Alice) worth 4.59 EUR (CoinMarketCap) per unit and listed on decentralized exchanges that support ERC-20 tokens, such as Uniswap, Where you can buy it by assigning this address to the code: 0xAC51066d7bEC65Dc4589368da368b212745d63E8.

Alternatively, ALICE cryptocurrency can also be purchased on major central exchange (CEX) platforms, such as Binance And Queen Piece.

My Neighbor Alice gaming platform launched Mining of NFTs Among the LANDs will be the events that will also positively affect the price of the native cryptocurrency ALICE.

What is Decentralization Mechanism (DAO) in Blockchain Metaverses

In Blockchain metaverses one of the characteristics is then what is called “DAO”: decentralization.

In this system for choosing future developments of the platform, users are identified as owners Cryptocurrency ALICEwho are invited to vote, for example when any changes are made in the game.

DeFI Components for Metaverse: Cryptocurrency Stacking and NFT Leasing

The purpose of My Neighbor Alice is not only to entertain users, but also to make them earn through active play and by creating passive income From possession of coding resources.

This metaverse will also provide the possibility later mask From the cryptocurrency ALICE, i.e. pegging an amount and collecting interest.

Likewise, those who own the resources Earth NFT You will be able to rent it to other users and thus get passive income.

Let’s get into the blockchain metaverse “My Neighbor Alice”

We give up trading NFT Resources and Cryptocurrencies And we got into the real meaning, i.e. let’s go and see what this virtual reality that is my neighbor Alice, of which we have a video preview looks like.

This metaverse wants to revive the classic multiplayer game “Construction” Where you have to manage one “Farm” (farm) and thus carry out all related activities and has one of its strengths in very precise 3D design, as evidenced by Prototype Shown in the video:

until the Play Designed for a mouse that should provide an enjoyable experience for both gaming and exploration.

Each user will have a file Avatar for NFT Which then obviously between customization with external accessories at any time.

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