Grottammare: “Una Rotonda sul Mare”, lovely evening at the Teatro delle Energie – picenotime

nice evening that”Roundabout on the sea”, which took place on Saturday 30 April at the very crowded Teatro delle Energy in Grottamare and which was the venue for the award ceremony Grottammarese for 2021 Michela MercuryAnd Which received a work by Grottammarese as an award Matilda Menicuzi. On stage, she was so excited, she thanked the Lido degli Aranci, Confcommercio and the municipality of Grottammare for the prestigious award given to them. The mayor granted it Enrico BergaliniDeputy Mayor Alessandro RoqueGrottammarese for the year 2020 Antonello MaraldoPresident of the Lido degli Aranci . Association Alessandro Ciarocchi Award Coordinator Tullio Luciani. The institutional moment was preceded by a beautiful cross-sectional video by Alessandro Ciarucci.

The evening was marked by a wonderful evening Carmen VarakoWhich made the whole audience laugh out loud and concluded the evening with improvisation and appreciation Impromptu loud concert do with sound 2, who in turn delighted the attendees with a concert about their successes and those written for Mina and Celentano. Always the same Carmine, he has been awarded two works by Grottammarese artists, worked in ink and optimism by Tiziana Marchionne And a festive dish with mixed techniques, made by the artist instead Rosina Brunito be the first to receive an award.Friend Grottammare”, over the 28 years he spent in his second city, namely Grottammare.

Beto Instead, with the best of his repertoire, he brought forth so much hilarity that he received many applause for his artistic genius, and finally repaid those present with a beautiful paired song. Stefano D’Angelo musical group”dolls“.

conductors famine angel And Gloria Contian unusual couple, amazed viewers with exciting musical duets and impeccable behavior from all points of view.

Finally, a special applause goes to the service Christian Chapeltowards the TV Romanian Stefanoon photos Domenico Campanile Behind the scenes sponsored by Rosina Brunibesides all that The crew of Lido degli Aranci which has always presented its audience with unique and high-quality shows.

Upcoming events not to be missed, Saturday May 7 to me Madonna del Umbro’s sanctuaryto celebrate with Lido degli Aranci its thirtieth anniversary, in Holy Mass and a founding moment with Father Gianfranco Prioriin art Brother Magus, for a joyful and spiritual moment to remember among our beautiful mountains, immersed in nature and spirituality, on a day to enjoy and live together. Without forgetting the fun instead, we are waiting for you Friday May 13 always in Energy Theater in Grottamare at 9:30 pmIn the “Big party in LdA“An evening of laughter with a mixture of comedians, laughter, songs and dances by all the artists and friends of the Grottammarese Association who will present in a unique evening.

All information and news on our official Facebook and Instagram pages “Lido degli Aranci Official Association” and at 335.6234568. Advance tickets (at no additional cost) at Café Ramona and Bar Merella in Grottamari and at Labor Photo by Domenico Campanile in San Benedetto del Tronto.

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