Million dollar scam: One of the most famous hacked NFT accounts

In the past few hours, one of the most popular NFT accounts was targeted, and he ended up as the victim of a millionaire scam. In detail we are talking about the official account of the Bored Ape Yacht Club on Instagram, which is considered one of the most popular sets of non-fungible codes in the entire digital world.

Subtraction of NFT by BAYC, 27/4/2022 –

According to reports from, from the first analyzes, a scam targeted Up to 91 NFTto get an estimated value At least $2.8 millionAn influential figure, for sure. To confirm the scam, it was the same managers of Bored Ape Yacht Club, who specified: “This morning (April 25, editor) the official BAYC Instagram account was hacked. The hacker posted a fraudulent link to a copy of the BAYC website using a fake airdrop, where users were asked to sign on a SafeTransferFrom transaction. This resulted in their assets being transferred to the fraudster’s wallet.”

Subtraction of NFT by BAYC, 27/4/2022 -
Subtraction of NFT by BAYC, 27/4/2022 –

Multi Million Scam: Nearly $3 Million NFT From Boring Monkey Yacht Club

The hackers acted like this: first they broke through the account barriers, took over, and then they did it Post a fake airdrop ad, a term used to refer to a promotional initiative “through which the creators of NFT – writes – ​​distribute a limited number of them for free”. At this point, any user just had to connect to the MetaMask wallet through a link posted instantly, to receive their precious NFTs in a completely free way.

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It was clearly a classic attempt at phishing With the aim of getting as many people as possible to bite the hook, and those who fell because of it received nothing in return, especially the aforementioned NFT, only to discover an unpleasant fact: by joining the initiative, they gave birth to green light to Transfer your NFTs from your wallet to those of hackers Who invented this diabolical and wonderful fraud.

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