NFT to defend the planet with the ComBEANation series

ComBEANation is the first NFT chain that wants to make a positive impact to protect the planet

ComBEANation ( is the name of the NFT chain launched by Graffiti, the agency that has been working with digital products since 1996 and has been studying opportunities related to the world of blockchain and NFT.

By studying these technologies, Graffiti has given life to a team made up of different personalities: developers who specialize in creating apps on the blockchain, NFT marketing and storytelling experts, creators, and contention specialists to manage the communities connected to these new projects from Web3.

GraffitiLab, the team’s name, has already launched its first project: a series of NFTs that not only have the value of a unique asset, but will also be a tool for defending the planet through a series of sustainability-related initiatives such as tree planting.

“ComBEANation is the first project we wanted to create because we believe that NFTs are not just a simple digital asset but also the potential to help protect the ecosystem in which we live. These types of technologies can have a huge impact, considering we are talking about a market that today is worth 1.6 billion dollars and it is only at the beginning of its development.” Luca Catoy, founder of Graffiti explains.

Not the usual NFT: green mission, genetic algorithm and real-world project evolution

The goal of this group is to plant 15,000 trees to remove about 1,500 tons of carbon dioxide annually. The transplant, made thanks to a startup specializing in the field, will take place in Italy and will allow NFT owners to decide where to plant trees and in the future to support other green projects as well through proceeds from money generated from trading NFTs over time.

But what sets NFTs apart from others is not only their green character but also their genetic algorithm. In fact, the owner of the Bean (the name of the individual NFTs in the chain) can spawn others that will have similar and unique characteristics to the original NFT. Hence the idea to call the project ComBEANation, because those who buy a bean can spawn others, increasing the value of their group.

But the distinguishing features do not end there: these NFTs can also be important in the real world starting in the summer, because the owner will have the possibility to turn his collection into a unique and certified shirt, thus eliminating any potential counterfeiting, for sale in the e-commerce of the project.

Create a new series with these characteristics to make the community

“With the GraffitiLab team, we thought about this first project to allow anyone to create a series of NFTs that can be more valuable than what you see online. I have been living and working in the web world for over 26 years and this Web3 is the biggest revolution and opportunity I have seen in this sector. They will use it More and more players are creating and nurturing communities around their brand.” Luca Catoy explains.

In fact, the peculiarity of the project is that it can be replicated, that is, the GraffitiLab team can create new groups with the same method of use: the genetic algorithm, the use of real-world origin and green activities. The repeatability extended not only to technical players but to all market niches that wish to explore the new dynamics that these technologies allow.

With the ComBEANation Series, a new way of understanding these digital assets is born that allows you to create a true community of users who see this new technology as not only a digital resource but a protection for the environment.

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