Operational plan, the municipality cancels the contract for the technical office appointed by the previous administration

Mayor Travison and Chancellor Spinelli: “The grave breach of reference forced us to take a tough decision. Let’s start again from the work that has been done so far.”

Scarlino: The Scarlino municipality has terminated the contract with the operational plan extender, Studio Massetani, after serious violations that caused countless delays to approve an important urban planning law. “We found ourselves having to terminate the contract – say the mayor Francesca Travison and City Planning Council member, Cesar Spinelli – because of the obvious obstacles to the study that made it impossible to complete the process. The final hurdle goes back, in chronological order, to last February, when we received an email from the studio telling us that all documents related to our plan had been lost due to a server failure.
To take a step back: when he took office, we learned that the plan adopted by the previous administration contained many crucial issues: this is attested by the more than 100 observations made after approval not only by ordinary citizens but also by public bodies and by The municipal offices themselves. Unfortunately we found ourselves obliged to continue with work that did not belong to us, and not only that: we discovered that 80% of the wage stipulated in the agreement had already been paid to the study extending the operational plan.
An exorbitant sum for a decision to close the cooperation and to give delegation to another subject, a fee to be paid in our opinion as the responsible person performs his duties, certainly not in such an influential solution which made any other decision impossible. If not the “trust” choice made by our predecessors.
Moreover, with good introspection, we preferred not to interrupt a process which, if properly modified, would have given answers to our citizens and a stimulus to the local economy, hampered by years of lack of choice.
However, we found ourselves having to deal with a contact person who was mostly absent and, in our opinion, seriously non-compliant. While the municipal offices were defining the counterarguments of the observations, discussing with the Tuscany region, and meeting, with the councilors and the mayor, the citizens to discuss practices, and the responsible office delayed in responding, it did not deliver the materials requested, postponing the deadlines we had set.
An inexcusable situation from the health emergency of the past two years: it is true that face-to-face meetings should have been avoided but there has always been the possibility of remote communication.
On December 29, 2021, we asked the company to sign a law in which both parties committed to submit feedback that is at least a priority for the development of the area to the city council. Upon the expiration of that agreement, scheduled for February 15, 2022, the executor of the operational plan had to make public counterarguments. On Sunday February 14 at 12.10 an e-mail came to the municipal administration from the study in which he wrote: “I regret to tell you, that I cannot respect the times we gave at the last meeting in the municipality on 29.12.2021, as happened in January, I experienced a serious server failure The studio made me lose data and files, including those of Po di Scarlino.” This obviously caused huge damage to the municipality.
Hence the decision to terminate the contract with a request to pay the fines stipulated in the deed.
In the coming weeks, we will entrust a new task to a company that will resume the procedural process: the company’s negligence of the professional will unfortunately lead to a further delay in the approval of the plan, but we are working to complete it as quickly as possible.”

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