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Digital Superconducting Quantum Machines (DSQM) is part of the CNR Institute for Nanoscience (Nano), which will develop faster and more efficient circuits for telecommunications and for future supercomputers. The startup is based on an idea developed within the Cnr Nano of Pisa’s SQEL Research Group.

In an increasingly interconnected world, communications and computing infrastructures play a critical role. The growing need for faster, safer, and more efficient communications has opened up new challenges and led to the development of fields at the frontier between research and innovation such as the field of quantum computing. It is precisely in this context that DSQM intends to make a difference, with the goal of developing innovative ultra-fast, low-power-consuming electronic circuits based on superconducting materials.

Claudio Puglia, CEO of the startup explains: “The technology platform we are developing is a candidate to be game changer For the classical and quantitative calculation of the future. Products developed by DSQM promise up to 100 times higher performance than current technology in terms of data rates, computing power and energy efficiency. Moreover, it will be compatible with today’s quantum computers and with conventional semiconductor industry standards.” Polia concludes that “DSQM’s mission is to breathe life into a revolution in the fields of communications and supercomputers by making the world truly interconnected.”

Created to give shape to a project on the border between basic research and innovation, the startup has matured within the NEST lab at Cnr Nano and Scuola Normale Superiore, which has been involved in several commercial competition Regional and national, achieving excellent results. The DSQM team consists of Claudio Puglia (CEO), Francesco Giazotto, Ilia Strambini, Giorgio Di Simone, all researchers at Cnr Nano, Simon Gasparinetti from Chalmers University (Sweden), Federico Paolucci from Scuola Normale Superiore and Angelo Di Bernardo Del. University of Constance (Germany).

The core of DSQM solutions is an innovative technology based on a phenomenon known as “field effect” on superconductors, discovered by researchers from Cnr Nano’s Superconducting Quantum Electronics Laboratory, led by Francesco Giazzuto. “It is the possibility of modulating the electric current flowing in a superconductor by applying an electric field,” Giazotto explains. “An effect we intend to exploit in newly developed devices such as superconducting field-effect transistors, capable of ensuring high performance and energy savings and that can be operated as if they were based on semiconductor technologies.”

“The spin-off results from DSQM were born from the brilliant ideas of researchers in our laboratories and from collaborations with other important research institutions such as the Scuola Normale Superiore, and testify to the extent to which ground-breaking research has seemingly deviated from the needs of individuals and companies, and is a more powerful engine for innovation,” commented Lucia Sorba, Director CNR Nano Corporation.

DSQM technologies are associated with several research projects funded by the European Community, which include Cnr Nano: SUPERGATE FET project with a budget of 3 million euros, dedicated to the development of core technology (materials, logic gates for classic arithmetic and high-speed interface), GENESIS funded in the amount of 150 thousand euros to conduct Tests for applications in the telecommunications sector from a technical and logistical point of view; and a $2.5 million SPECTRUM project to develop and test a radio frequency switching device to support quantum computing in an industrial setting.

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