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The Technical table in AGCOM which Tim will discuss with Other fixed network operators How to carry out Video Streaming Multicast Technologyalready active for TIM consumer customers (eg for football matches on DAZN), ALSO THROUGH VULA . SERVICES provided by the former monopolist to other fixed service providers.

Notify him in a day Today May 2, 2022the Italian Communications Authority (AGCOM), with a note addressed to the interested parties.

The technical table relates to Determine the technical conditions for implementation To supply TIM from Multicast function for VULA services.

Interested parties are invited to inform the Authority, by 17 May 2022, of the names and e-mail addresses of their representatives who will participate in the The first meeting will be held on May 24, 2022.

AGCOM also confirms that within the aforementioned deadline of May 17, 2022, interested parties will be able to send Notes About the document published by TIM on its portal wholesale On April 28, 2022.

Multicast via VULA within TIM’s proposals to Antitrust

The beginning of the technical schedule regarding the provision of multicasting by TIM’s VULA services is already provided in Article 1, paragraph 4, of Resolution 80/22/CONS (this is the full document) On March 17, 2022, it was posted on March 29, 2022 on the authority’s website, in which TIM’s Reference Offer for VULA Services for 2021 was approved.

In fact, the resolution also has specific indications regarding Multicast function for VULA services.

there Prepare to provide VULA multicast technology to other fixed network operators as well The concerned had been submitted by TIM during Antitrust measures ON THE AGREEMENT WITH DAZN (This is the full document).

This initial technical proposal for TIM will be evaluated by the Technical Discussion Table, with the assistance of AGCOM, which, in addition to TIM itself, will be able to participate in other interested operators. The Authority reserves the right to carry out relevant assessments also in light of what will emerge from the above-mentioned technical schedule.

Nowadays, multicast technology Available for Bitstream Services but not for VULA Services provided by TIMwhich, as AGCOM states, are those used primarily by other fixed network operators to connect clients.

The Multithe technology already implemented by TIM for its TIMVISION customers, allows Optimize the use of transmission bandwidth Marking, usually, from Live broadcast content transfer Which is appreciated by a large number of uses by end customers.

However, in order to implement through VULA Services, it is necessary that other operators develop their own appropriate technology solution to create a multicast stream in their transport network, while TIM must enable multicast functionality in its access network for VULA Services, and In addition, the streaming content provider must enter into specific agreements with the requesting operators and make any modifications to their applications.

For these reasons, the authority considered it necessary to hold the technical schedule that will start in the next few days.

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