Visa enters the world of NFTs

Visa Ready to launch a program for creators who seriously want to enter the world NFT development of this business. This is an initiative dedicated to all those who wish to grow in the world of non-fungible tokens. This, again, shows how much interest the sector actually is even as a digital payments giant.

According to some estimates published in the press release of VisaDedicated to advertising this program in numbers NFT will be important. About 50 million creators, including artists, musicians, and others, post this special content as a form of earn. For some, it appears to be the number one source of income, but for others, a way to “round” the monthly income.

However, in both cases, Visa I consider it useful to investigate the matter by launching a file Visa Creator. This initiative aims to accelerate these small businesses’ introduction into the world of non-fungible tokens (NFT). The program will be divided into courses designed to help the users who participate in it deepen their knowledge about this technology and the platforms that underpin NFT trading.

Important news for this rapidly expanding world. You can also invest in NFT Thanks to Binance. By opening a free account with this exchange, you will have access to a section dedicated exclusively to Non-Fungible Symbols.

Visa Creator Program: An opportunity to learn about NFT’s business

2021 was a year of strong growth for the world NFT. This was evidenced by the data published in the last report for the past year on the numbers it recorded not innate, a company that provides detailed information on these assets. However, this year also seems to be promising, to the point that the caliber giants Visa They are doing their best to develop this sector in their business.

Currently, as was already expected, the company has launched a customized program that will allow new entrepreneurs to learn more about the world of NFT and everything that goes around it: from sales technologies to the type of buyers and the most efficient and useful payment systems. Here’s what Coy Sheffield, Head of Cryptography at Visa said:

NFTs have the potential to become a powerful promoter of the creative economy. We have studied the NFT ecosystem and its potential impacts on the future of commerce, retail, and social media. Through the Visa Creator Program, we want to help this new generation of small and micro businesses take advantage of new means of digital commerce.

NFTs at the heart of new trade

It doesn’t matter if the creators are beginners or have already had some success in the NFT industry behind them. The Visa Creator Aimed at all those working in the music, art, fashion and film industries, and as the official press release specifies, they want “To merge NFT in their business modelThe following are the five main areas included in the note:

  • Technical and Product TutorialsMentoring with the Visa team for leaders in crypto products and strategies, covering topics including: Evaluating trade-offs between blockchain core networks, smart contracts, and NFT markets.
  • building the society: An opportunity to share ideas and solve problems with a community of creators at different stages of their NFT journey.
  • Reaching Thought Leaders: Hear from leading thinkers and researchers working in digital commerce, web3, cryptocurrency and payments.
  • Exposure to Visa clients and partners: An opportunity to interact with businesses through Visa’s network of clients and partners.
  • salary: A one-time stipend to help content creators get started on their next stage of growth.

You can also invest in NFT. Riding this moving train could be a reasonable option, dictated mainly by the strong spread of this sector. You can open a free account on Binance and work in a department entirely dedicated to non-fungible tokens.

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