Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger vs Bitcoin

Bitcoin? probably will collapse. This is in the synthesis of thought Charlie Munger, number two from Berkshire Hathaway. right arm of Warren Buffett Produced with jewel words towards cryptocurrency in front of major contributors to Berkshire Hathawayassembled at the usual annual gathering.

On the board, Munger does not limit himself to a valid statement, adding to the potion by calling Bitcoin a thing Stupid and sinister. Difficult words, especially given the authority of the infinitive. Munger is a highly experienced investor, he could say 91 years ago Get to know the markets justice from all over the world. It’s not there First time That pairing is expressed on these tones Bitcoin.

Once again Munger and Buffett against Bitcoin

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Buffett and Munger: Attacks on Bitcoin Still Continue

American Investor Couple He hasn’t invested a single cent in Bitcoinand it seems that he wants to reaffirm the position by saying that he will not buy all the currencies in circulation BTC Not even in trading for just $25.

The statement comes from a man who can brag about a personal assets from around 125 billion Dollars: Nearly a third of Berkshire Hathaway’s entire stock portfolio, with the company headed by Warren Buffett investing more than $51 billion in equityin the first quarter of 2022. A true legend for those who invest, but still do not understand Bitcoin Not even the desire to understand it.

Shapes that emphasize, if anything is needed, like a picture Bitcoin Strange, at least in the eyes of both Almost partnersBuffett and Munger continue their preference for the traditional stock market.

The meeting also witnessed attacks on traditional markets. Buffett also has some on Wall StreetHe said, to encourage speculation and turn the stock market into a single market Secret gambling den.

Munger’s doctrine is With the strength of the dollar: for first By Berkshire Hathaway The Federal Reserve is all the United States needs. All of them are of the same character Bitcoin is like a venereal disease. Simply old billionaire He won’t know what to do with him.

Buffett is on the wrong side of the story

It will be a strong opinion that we will express at the end of another comment on the thousandth attack by the award-winning company. Warren Buffett to Bitcoin.

However, it is an opinion that we share with the markets and also with institutional investors who if they would follow the opinionsOmaha inspired They will have an easy game to break the value Bitcoin.

Warren Buffett And Charlie Munger They no longer have any kind of power over them. They can be called secret gambling dens, crazy, irrational, but what matters is always numbers. And Bitcoin Since its existence, it has overpowered the performance Berkshire Hathaway. With two great investment geniuses who, slowly and after a glorious life in the markets and not, are sliding toward irrelevance. Sic transit Gloria Mundi.

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