What does HODL mean in cryptocurrency?

HODL is one of the terms that emerged thanks to the advent of cryptocurrencies. Although it appears to be an acronym – like FBI or KFC, HODL is just a misspelling of the word Hold. Although he gained popularity due to the absurdity of his mistake.

The word HODL originated from a typo in a 2013 bulletin board post on the Bitcointalk forum. This distortion is a background noun when words are added to an existing acronym to give it a similar or new meaning that was not intended when the sentence was created.

Many cryptocurrency investors use the hodl approach because They don’t want to manage a lot of information or efforts to get the most out of their assets and tokens.

It is one of the easiest ways to invest in cryptocurrencies, and today we will look at its definition, how it works, and its entire history.

HODL meaning in general

HODL misspelled the word “keep” In the concept of buying or hoarding any kind of money.

Also known as “Hold on to your dear lifeNow you understand what “hodl” means, we will explain what “hodl” means in the cryptocurrency world in the following sections.

HODL is a cryptocurrency investment strategy where an investor focuses on the long-term value of a single coin. The strategy is based solely on the expectation that cryptocurrencies will eventually replace FIAT coins.

At this point, cryptocurrency holders may find that The exchange rates between cryptocurrencies and FIAT money no longer matter.

What does HODL mean in cryptocurrency?

HODL is the most popular crypto strategy for stable and volatile currencies Like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, etc. The word “HODL” used by cryptocurrency traders is said to be a misspelling of the word “WAIT.”

The news spread quickly in the trading forums and took hold. According to others, the phrase also means “Hold on to your dear lifeIn any case, the word refers to a basic strategy, regardless of whether the price of the cryptocurrency is going up or down, you should always buy it and never sell it.

Even when the price of the cryptocurrency drops, buying and never selling does not seem like a wise investment. HODLing, on the other hand, is One of the most effective investment methods.

Because? Users do not buy to sell in the short term, where the risk of gains and margin is minimal. They buy to save money and make a long-term profit. Looking at a volatile cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, you may notice that the price fluctuates significantly over one to three months. However, if people look at the historical Bitcoin chart since its inception, they will notice one thing: it is steadily increasing.

Because cryptocurrencies are unpredictableShort-term assets that benefit from short-term ups and downs are considered risky. Long-term investments are risky, but investors cannot ignore the upward trend.

If someone bought $500 worth of bitcoin in 2011, they would now have between $3.7 and more than four million dollars, depending on the exact purchase and transaction history. However, 11 years is a long time to continue using cryptocurrency. HODL techniques are usually performed over the course of one year.

In the video below by Lewis Thomas, he talks about holding cryptocurrencies. Talk about earning more profits To hold or not to hold your cryptocurrency depending on the prevailing market condition. This superior approach has been explained in a very smart and effective way that will help you to learn more about HODL.

Where does the word “HODL” come from?

The exact composition of HODL is widely known. The context around it provides an excellent lesson for cryptocurrency traders and anyone who wants to start trading.

On December 18, 2013, Bitcointalk member GameKyuubi . said: “I’m complicated” As part of an explosion about the difficulties, if not futility, of cryptocurrency trading. Those who attempt market volatility may find themselves buying high and selling low. Gradually or rapidly depleting one’s wealth.

The word has quickly become a cliché on social media, and the misspelling is on online message boards like the famous Wall Street Beats billboard on Reddit.

HODL has become a symbol of its long-term commitment to digital currency for crypto investors. Those who buy and hold cryptocurrency can refer to themselves as “HODLer” and glorify the advantages of having “diamond hands” in the Reddit or Discord communities. These statements reflect their stated reluctance to sell volatile assets such as cryptocurrency. These expressions contrast with “paper hands” or individuals eager to sell when volatility increases.

However, similar terms have spread to other commodities such as stocks besides cryptocurrency. Individual traders rallied behind words during the GameStop and AMC rush in 2021, encouraging each other to hold or even buy more at idle.

HODL Cryptocurrency

If you are wondering why people use HODL bitcoin and what a scam is, read on to learn from our perfect example.

On May 22, 2021, the cryptocurrency crash wiped out $1 trillion in less than a week. Bitcoin, which accounts for more than 40% of the global crypto market, fell 30% to $30K, the lowest position since January, after starting the day at $40K.

Earlier, on May 12, Bitcoin plummeted 13% when Elon Musk canceled a Tesla deal to accept it as a payment option in the company. The creator and CEO expressed reservations about the cryptocurrency’s significant carbon impact.

There was also anxiety in the market, as a couple of seemingly contradictory tweets about bitcoin left investors confused.

However, the most significant drop came when Chinese officials reported a nationwide crackdown on cryptocurrency use. The central bank has finally issued a warning to Chinese financial institutions and companies not to accept digital currencies as a form of payment or not provide the services they use. The most satisfactory results are obtained for those who limit themselves to HODL.

However, shortly after this event, Bitcoin (BTC) Reclaimed Its Value And Continues To Risewhile panicked investors lost their BTC holdings.

On the other hand, investors who used the HODL approach overcame the sharp drop in value and waited for the coin to rise in value again.

In fact, Bitcoin (BTC) reached a new all-time high of $69,044.77 on November 10, 2021. This was a value that Bitcoin had never seen before, demonstrating how powerful the HODL technology for this particular asset is.

Moreover, due to its high volatility, cryptocurrencies provide excellent opportunities for traders to establish long and short positions on a regular basis. But, Hodling can provide investors with additional security They are not exposed to short-term fluctuations and can avoid the risks of buying high and selling low.

3 Reasons to Pool Your Own Blockchain Resources

When it comes to bitcoin assets, hodl technology can be useful for various reasons.

long term profit

As mentioned earlier with SOL Token, the token has grown by 10,000% in just one year. Despite the great collapse before that time, BTC also reached its highest level recently in 2021.

Long-term gains were made in the past by searching for the best cryptocurrencies.

Everyone who bought BTC or SOL at the beginning of its growth is currently experiencing huge profits. The curious element here is that many will likely continue to collect coins and benefit from their future increase.

HODLing coins make long-term gains for a year or more. Some may recommend HODLing until you really need the resources for specific use cases, which are more important.

Transfer of wealth across generations

So, if you own a cryptocurrency, your family may become rich as the asset can be passed on to the next generation.

Many millennials are aware of this and are taking advantage of it.

According to a CNBC survey of millionaires, more than half of the millionaires own at least 25% of their assets in cryptocurrency.

The results indicate a significant age difference in the wealth creation of cryptocurrencies, as younger investors are able to reap significant fortunes from the rising price of Bitcoin.

HODLing coins make long-term gains for a year or more. Some may recommend HODLing until you really need the resources for specific use cases, which are more important.

Hodling Crypto Against Inflation

Cryptocurrencies are growing in popularity, especially among investors who are anti-inflationary. Many investors see cryptocurrency as an excellent inflation hedge against gold.

Compared to many FIAT coin alternatives, Using HODL cryptocurrencies can lead to continuous value retention. This is why owning cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, in a very limited amount and a known inflation calendar that decreases over time, is probably a good idea.


Overall, cryptocurrency HODLing has been a suitable cryptocurrency strategy used by thousands of investors. Like Investors avoided panic selling once their assets plummeted, which resulted in huge returns.

This is not true for all crypto assets and some tokens have not fully redeemed.

After all, investing in bitcoin in general, It is very dangerous due to the volatility of the sector.

It is one of the simplest cryptocurrency investing techniques that have stood the test of time and proven useful in the long run.

Hopefully by now you are fully aware and understand what you need to know about bitcoin accumulating for years, if not decades.

This can be a useful tactic, Especially for people who prefer to leave their resources alone. However, as with any technology, do your research before choosing the best option for your unique circumstances. In the end, This simple method can offer many benefits for beginners.

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