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After the huge boost it received in recent years, the cryptocurrency market has managed to achieve an amazing spread, so as to attract many users and their investments. Several innovations have been proposed in recent months, which are slowly beginning to make their way even into the collective imagination. We often hear about tokens and NFT, two words unknown to most of us a few years ago, and now almost as common, perhaps Sushi Swapof which many still know very little.

What is Sushi Swap

Sushi Swap is a typical example of automated market maker, whose use, as a tool, is becoming increasingly common in the cryptocurrency world. Automated Market Makers, simply known by the acronym AD, are all those decentralized exchanges that smart contracts use to create markets for any pair of tokens. SushiSwap’s goal is Diversification of AMM سوق Marketadding additional features not considered by other AMMs, such as increasing rewards for network participants via SUSHI, its internal token.

Project history and origins

The Sushi Swap Launch It dates back to September 2020, like Uniswap forkanother automated market maker that has nonetheless become a symbol of what is decentralized finance and the boom that followed associated trading in DeFi tokens.

about me Founders of SushiSwap Very little is known: this AMM was founded by an entity known under the pseudonym of Chef names, about which little is known about his identity and his decision to ditch Uniswap. However, there are two other founders, known by the pseudonym Suchiswap And 0xMaki: Not much is known about them, except that they run the SushiSwap code with Shiv Nomi and develop the product and related business processes. Recently, the ownership of SushiSwap passed into the hands Sam Bankman Friedknown for being an active participant and commentator in the cryptocurrency market, so much so that he appears several times in various media interviews.

How does the SUSHI code work

By providing liquidity to SushiSwap, thus contributing to the operation of the exchange, you get a portion of Transfer fee which are paid for by those who use DEX. In particular, the Code Reference is called sushi swab sushi It is used to take Governance Decisions. In addition, it is possible to do mask and receive Rewards patrol. In fact, staking is a process that allows cryptocurrency holders to earn rewards, actually making passive profits.

Sushi Swab (Sushi)
What is SushiSwap (SUSHI) and how does it work

strength point

Sushi Swap is a decentralized exchange to Code Based on Ethereum. This process is very similar to Uniswap, but unlike more traditional and centralized exchanges, where there is a order book From supply and demand, in this case there are gods liquidity pool. Thus, anyone who wants can provide liquidity to any liquidity pool: in this way, when someone decides to make an exchange, the necessary resources are withdrawn from the existing liquidity pools.

Also, similar to Uniswap, SushiSwap works with a file Web wallet 3: It follows that, except for bugs, tokens are always in the user’s possession, i.e. they never own the platform on which they are working.

Is it worth investing in SushiSwap?

Is it worth investing in SushiSwap? On the long time It can also be profitable, meaning that the trend of the cryptocurrency over time can be positive and increase in value: Considering that as the months and years go by, the more users will search in this way, the higher the chances of being able to generate income for those who have decided to believe in this project. In fact, SUSHI gets stronger the more it’s used on the exchange.

who owns SUSHI symbol Entitled to part of those who I Profits from various transactionsWhoever owns a larger amount of these tokens is entitled to higher numbers, which will also be severely affected by trading volumes, since the higher the number, the higher the profits for investors.

In addition, it must be considered that it is not a simple economic-financial project, because from a certain point of view it is also political, and therefore attracts certain profiles of investors and developers, above all, since the identity of its founders is hidden, it is in fact a Project without masters.

As for the short periodOn the other hand, the direction Forecasting It is not entirely clear, which makes possible decisions about investment uncertain: this means that before investing it will be necessary to consider every instrument and every useful study to be able to orient better, so as to be able to ride the wave and understand what time it is for it Buy SUSHI tokensso you can make your investment profitable.

Always keeping in mind that when it comes to cryptocurrency, it’s a file Very volatile market: From day to day, monetary ratings can change quickly, and therefore, especially for beginners, it is necessary to have a high degree of attention to avoid unpleasant surprises, although the long time horizon is the most interesting. In order to ensure a proper reward, sometimes, it may also take some time from the moment of the initial investment.

Future Predictions: Our Opinions

As for the possibilities? Future predictions on SushiSwap and its SUSHI tokenFrom 2020 to today, the decentralized exchange has proven to be reliable and attractive to the market, so much so that it has attracted the interest of many users. Gradual improvement, after the necessary initial guarantees after some events regarding the founders’ potential exit strategy, can include the entire platform: the cryptocurrency market is still in progress, which has not yet reached its full potential, and therefore a certain vertical development is still expected in the years coming.

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