What is cryptocurrency and how does it work, predictions

New technologies, along with innovation of cryptographic systems, have radically changed the global economy. The financial sector, in particular, must react to new methodologies for the supply and exchange of goods and services, and to apply new digital systems to traditional standards. Among these, cryptocurrencies undoubtedly stand out. Below we will take a closer look at the characteristics Theta CryptocurrencyIts functions and advantages make it one of the most attractive cryptocurrencies for financial investments.

Project assets

Its official launch dates back to 2019. Simultaneously with the birth of streaming platforms, the so-called blockchain technology has also been developed. This has prompted all the fans of the sector to combine both sides in one platform called Theta platformWith the idea of ​​giving life to someone, A streaming distribution network on the dedicated Theta blockchain.

What is Theta: Strengths

with the Decentralization of the video streamIn the presence of Theta blockchain You are allowed to use theta symbol from the platform. The great goal of the platform is to provide the ability to monetize ultra-wideband sharing, to handle some of the quality standards that Theta has set itself to achieve in the video streaming sector.

Assuming that the video streaming industry has poor infrastructure and high costs for users in the face of poor experience, the project developers aim for a transformation, as:

  • Users no longer have to pay to access streaming services Low quality. By creating a peer-to-peer network, consumers will be rewarded with tokens for sharing their resources and providing high levels of performance on the platform at any time.
  • One will be guaranteed Streaming in high quality and smooth, which reduces the high technological costs. The chosen way to do this is to include an increasing number of participants in the blockchain, in order to reduce the cost of automatically providing videos, as well as to increase the creation of new content.
  • They will come Content creators are directly rewarded with theta tokenRebalancing the parties (ie, between advertisers, platforms and content publishers). This way, viewers will be able to pay the creators of their preference independently and directly, eliminating middlemen in the process.

It can be said, then, that theta was born with a specific purpose, that is Video streaming market converter Making it fairer, removing all existing limits and opening doors for millions of users divided between users and creators.

Rewards and Tokens

Theta’s main core business is the business Decentralize the streaming of video content, making use more efficient in terms of speed and quality and rewarding all professionals in the sector. Project gifts born with two iconsknown as theta And Theta Fuel, which is based on the internal economy of the network. Users have an extra incentive to watch video content and share their network resources because they come Awarded as TFUEL (Theta Fuel). In this sense, the platform is configured as an independent ecosystem, with tokens and the ability to enable a parallel and revenue-rich streaming market.

What is Theta and how does it work

How does the platform work

there hyper network It is the fulcrum of the entire platform and consists of a series of nodes that can communicate with each other. All of these nodes form the backbone of Theta Project’s ultra-wideband sharing plan. while the theta network Focuses on content distribution blockchain It works in the background, developing an approval mechanism on the platform in the form of a prize distribution, as also described in the previous paragraphs.

Is it worth investing in Theta? future predictions

Assuming that all cryptocurrencies have a common feature, which is volatilitywhich is also reflected in investments, Theta can still turn into a worthwhile cryptocurrency. Long term investment. Of course, it is impossible to be sure of this, but it is possible to take into account some strategic elements that definitely prove it Abilitylike him growth rate Which is about 450%. When the token was officially launched, its value was almost non-existent, today instead, Theta is worth about $12, and more recently it has reached 500% more, valued at $43 in 2023.

So far, the total supply of Theta appears to be limited to 1 billion units, of which 870 million are in circulation. The theta symbol It can be purchased on the basis of cryptocurrency exchange on platforms such as eToro Once purchased, the tokens can be forwarded to any online allet capable of supporting the ERC20 standard.

In conclusion, Theta has the advantage of occupying niche market Where he can act almost unhindered and it seems that the project, albeit with some pauses on its way, is progressing more and more towards concrete realization.

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