Wikipedia no longer accepts cryptocurrency donations: it’s official

Wikipedia will no longer accept cryptocurrency donations. It was there who decided that Wikimedia Foundationthe body behind the free digital encyclopedia, which canceled its reservations two weeks after the main volunteers who write and edit the entries voted on the fourth most visited site in the world (after Google, YouTube and Facebook).

Explains in the update for the initial discussion Lisa Seitz GroelAnd Chief Development Officer, Wikimedia Foundation. With the ban, the account will be closed Bitpaya crypto payment service provider that Wikimedia uses to collect bids in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin and other stablecoins, such as Coinbase’s USDC.

(Tweet by Molly White announcing that the Wikimedia Foundation has opted to stop crypto donations, after a three-month group discussion)

Having said that, years later the reverse shows that in Wikimedia, principles matter more than money, even if the total amount of digital currency acquired last year was tiny (just over 130 thousand dollars From less than 350 donors, with revenue equal to 0.08% of the total), Setiz-Gruwell herself added that the crypto world will continue to monitor, and will remain sensitive to the needs of volunteers and donors. Therefore, in the event that they change their opinion on this matter in the future, they will lead the institution to review the current block of cryptocurrencies.

The emergence of reserves on virtual currencies, even the vote with which volunteers put forward the hypothesis of canceling the option from donations (234 in favor and 94 against less than 400 voters), is mainly due to two reasons. On the other hand, the higher consumption necessary to apply energy-intensive system Like those based on proof of work Bitcoin And Ethereum. On the other hand, the desire to break away from a sector is incompatible with chiaroscuro and the commitment of the Wikimedia Foundation.

It was riding sentiment against cryptocurrency Molly Whitea leading editor and software engineer at Wikipedia, known by the pseudonym Web3 runs great, which through its monolithic website and Twitter account monitors and shares frauds in the crypto environment. “I’m proud of me Society, who made the right decision after a long and thoughtful discussionWhite said he is also concerned about the movement’s reputation if it continues to endorse digital currency donations. Don’t promote it. Predatory investments and technologies“.

Moreover, on this last point, choosing MozillaThat was decided last January Refuse any cryptocurrency donationin the face of protests from supporters and Jimmy ZawinskyCo-founder of Mozilla, who equated cryptocurrency with the notoriously fraudulent Ponzi scheme.

However, two weeks ago, the same organization got back on its feet, once again opening the doors to cryptocurrencies that use Proof of Stake, a system that consumes less than 1% of electricity compared to Bitcoin, because the latter are the others that rely on Proof of Work.”It can significantly increase the production of greenhouse gases“.

The partial adjustment is in line with compliance with climate commitments made in 2021 to reduce and then eliminate carbon emissions. Mozilla will publish the list of accepted virtual currencies by the end of June, which must be included Solana And Avalanche.

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