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Everyone now knows what digital currencies, But many underestimate the fact that this is a more general term than they might think and that it actually contains different types of what can be defined as digital currency.

If everyone knows Bitcoin Also due to the amazing price reached, which is now around $40k per unit, between the different volatility, there is a different sub-category of cryptocurrencies whose price direction is based instead, i.e. it depends on the side asset and which one is called stablecoin.

The most famous example of a stablecoin is cryptocurrency like Tether, which is linked to it U.S. dollar In a ratio of 1: 1, i.e. 1 Rope It always equals $1. But stablecoins have an additional subcategory which is stock symbol, These are not linked as a secondary asset to another fiat currency, but to the shares of another asset.

The cryptocurrency that we are going to talk about here is called Rasta Queen It is a stock symbol associated with market shares Cannabis stock market.

At the moment, this token is still in what is called an extension ICO (Initial Coin Offering) stage, Where the cryptocurrency is sold at a discount compared to what the value will be after listing on the exchanges envisaged for May 15.

RastaCoin (RCOIN) It was actually born in the context of a more complex project in which also lies its potential, which is to create a whole environmental coding system Its purpose is to facilitate investments related to legal cannabis in all its aspects: from medical to recreational.

This is actually the first token created associated with cannabis market And not to be confused with other similarly named cryptocurrencies, rasta, Which is a completely different thing born within the project Financial Rastawhich aims to create a platform for music artists on the Blockchain.

Possibility to unite two growing markets: cryptocurrency and cannabis

The purpose of the project rasta swab, Through which the new digital currency RastaCoin was born, it aims to connect two markets with exponential growth potential, the legal cannabis market and cryptocurrency.

Today this stock market is listed on the stock exchanges of the United States, Australia and Canada and the total market capitalization is 83 billion dollars With a daily trading volume of 1.5 billion.

If we look at the suns United States of America The cannabis leaf market boasts a market capitalization approaching $20 billion. The annual growth rate in America is currently 16% and projections lead us to believe that it will exceed it in 2025 40 billion dollars.

The United States of America is an important market above all because of the huge strides that have been taken in terms of opening up to the cannabis market; In fact, the forecast considers it through 2025 More and more American citizens will live in countries where cannabis It is somewhat legal.

What is RastaCoin and how does the stock symbol among cryptocurrencies work

Cryptocurrency Rasta Queen It is a way of investing in tokenized stocks, i.e. investing in the cannabis stock market but buying cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency will be included in May 15 where is she 1 coin The token will have a value 0.22 dollars.

In addition to the possibility of investing in cryptocurrencies and together in the cannabis market, the entire ecosystem rasta That this digital currency will be the backbone of an economy that aims to realize a much broader project. For example, pool the capital needed to start up startups operating in the same sector.

rasta It will then be a decentralized platform, where governance is left to the owners of the cryptocurrency RastaCoin. That is, this system is defined in terms DAO, It is assumed that everyone who owns original cryptocurrency You will be asked to vote on platform choices, such as where to direct funding to launch new projects related to the legal cannabis market.

Youtube Marco Haravane Through a video posted on her official channel, she gives us a detailed review of the RastaCoin cryptocurrency and the RastaSwap project:

How to buy RastaCoin cryptocurrency and when is it available

there Cryptocurrency RastaCoin It will be available from May 15 in two versions: a token based on Ethereum (ERC-20) and one based on it Smart Binance Series (BEP-20).

Creating two copies of the same cryptocurrency is now a recurring strategy in launching new digital currencies that seeks to increase interoperability between different blockchains. In general, Binance is already using the transaction verification protocol proof of stake It has significantly lower costs than Ethereum tokens, as at least until July this blockchain will continue to operate proof of work Hence the application of “gas fees”. However, it must be remembered that two versions of the same token represent the exact same cryptocurrency in terms of price trends in the markets, except that they operate on two different blockchains, and the difference is practically only “Technological”.

Anyway, in the first list, new cryptocurrencies are provided on Decentralized Exchange Platforms (DEX) that hosts one or another version of the token. The most popular cryptocurrency exchange Binance (BEP-20) is PieWhereas for Ethereum, these are ERC-20 tokens Uniswap. In any case, RastaCoin tokens will not be available for redemption before May 15, 2022.

Other goals of the RastaSwap project that led to the birth of the RastaCoin cryptocurrency

RastaSwap plans to launch a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange (DEX) platform named after it Rasta Swap ADM which should be active by June.

Still, there will be RastaSwap مبادرات Initiatives Who will be concerned with raising useful funds to promote campaigns in favor of legalizing cannabis for recreational, medical and industrial use.

RastaSwap Crowd will take care of crowdfunding, That is, raising funds to fund startups in the sector.

Also in this case, the choice of the project on which you will bet is entrusted according to the decentralized mechanism of user voting, that is, cryptocurrency holders. Rasta Queen questioned about this.

Again, for next July NFT . platform And in August the RastaSwap Non Fungible Token set will be launched.

RastaSwap and RastaFinance What is the difference between cryptocurrencies

RastaCoin (RCOIN) Which will be available in mid-May not to be confused with another cryptocurrency from RASTA, born as part of the RastaFinance project.

The two projects have nothing in common except a partial name and RastaFinance is not one stock symbol, But it is a cryptocurrency in the classic sense.

The entire RastaFinance project was born in the context of creating a platform for emerging and non-emerging music artists as a point of contact between the cryptocurrency and the cannabis market such as rasta

Also as a trend on markets The price of RastaFinance is not tied to the market for cannabis or other security assets, such as RastaCoin.

We repeat that RastaCoin is actually a stock token associated with the legal cannabis market that influences its price trends, practically buying this cryptocurrency, you are buying those that are identified Token Posts.

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