A big victory for Freiburg, Bochum’s achievement in Dortmund

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TheOn the thirty-second day of Bundesliga I saw him go on stage in Werisol Ryan Neckar Arena Nice match between Hoffenheim And Freiburg. The first half sees a quick question and answer between the two teams: First comes a goal SlyShortly after it was recorded, kramaric. In the second half, the game is finally over and reaches 5 goals: in the beginning it was a network Gunther repeated by STELLERThen I Bianconeri Try extension with holer And Jeong Woo Young. L ‘Hoffenheim Try to get back into the game with a shot from outside ruddyBut this is not enough: Freiburg Wins 3-4 It remains completely in the area Champions League.

sudden victory for Bochum in the house of Borussia Dortmund Really unfortunate in this match. A sudden start for hosts with a double advantage Bochum: first head Polterthen the stone from the limit Holtmann. Before the break, use more brace than usual Haaland Re-equivalence: Both goals reach a penalty kick. the same detonator Norwegian He finds a hat-trick in the second half, but the guests really managed to be accurate and precise in front of goal: Lucadia and rigor Pantovich. The Dortmund He has three clear goals to find a tie again, but the end result remains 3-4.

Dominant and unexpected performance Mainz against a Bayern Monaco Champion this now Bundesliga It is almost unrecognizable. The course of the match is never questioned, because I Bavarians They never become dangerous, if not for the occasion of the usual massive flag network Lewandowski. The MainzFor his part, from the start he plays great and gets goals from it Burckhardt And nicknames on a fixed piece. In the second half comes a network Bareiroafter wrapping: the end result 3-1.

Fourth victory in a row Colony against theAugsburg, in a complete struggle not to back down. a team Stephen Baumgart I’ve played, so far, a tournament with an impressive bill: which is why so many players are in the spotlight in the transfer market (just think of decent or young people Thillman to name a couple). In the first part, the networks of Thillman And p. In the second half comes a pillar decentGoals come from a penalty kick and a great shot under the seventh. flag network forAugsburg Based on NiederlechnerWhich brings the end result1-4.

setback for Leipzig In House Borussia Monchengladbach. a team Domenico Tedesco, Perhaps with some thoughts on the return of the semi-finals in European LeagueHe loses an important encounter and sees himself jumping, momentarily, into the fight Champions. Match goals embolus And Hoffmann (pillar) for the hosts, while for red balls The goal of science is the usual Nkunko-Able to get rid of the goalkeeper and door bag unguarded.

Another match conditioned, probably, by the ideas of European Cups was the match between them Bayer Leverkusen And Eintracht Frankfurt. The hosts won the match 2-0 with important goals Paulinho (After a great job Diaby) and the goal Check (Also with a pass from the French winger). Excellent result for boys Gerardo Siwanwhich confirms the third place in Bundesligawhile theEintrachtAlso, looking at the situation in the standings, he’s targeting everything for the semi-final second leg against him West Ham at European League.

Last but not least, the main redemption tie: a negative result forUnion Berlin He’s already blocked by demotion Forth employment1-1; point between each of them Bielefeld And Hertha Berlin (Useless tie to try to get away from the red zone); Excellent inner point Stuttgart against the Wolfsburg To remain hopeful.

Here are all the results of the thirty-second day of Bundesliga:

Hoffenheim 3-4 Freiburg

Borussia Dortmund – Bochum 3-4

Mainz 3-1 Bayern Munich

Augsburg 1-4 Cologne

Borussia Moenchengladbach – RB Leipzig 3-1

Bayer Leverkusen – Eintracht Frankfurt 2-0

Union Berlin – Fürth 1-1

Stuttgart 1-1 Wolfsburg

Armenia Bielefeld – Hertha BSC 1-1

The Improves today: Anthony Modeste (Cologne)

The current standings in the German League:

Bayern 75 points Dortmund 63 points Leverkusen 58 points Freiburg 55 points Leipzig 54 points Cologne 52 points Union Berlin 51 points Hoffenheim 46 points Mainz 42 points Mönchengladbach 41 points Frankfurt 40 points Bochum 39 points Wolfsburg 38 points Augsburg 35 points Hertha Berlin 33 points Stuttgart 29 points Bielefeld 27 points Fürth 18 points

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