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Cabinet approved New decree for aid and energy. M5S did not participate in the vote: According to what has been learned, a tough fight could have occurred during the CDM between the Democrats and the M5S over grillini’s decision not to vote on the decree, in the controversy over the rule that opens the possibility of crematorium construction in Rome.

The head of the 5-star delegation to the government, Stefano Patuanelli, had requested the removal of the law, which was nonetheless rejected. Hence the M5S’s decision not to vote on the DL on the recommendation of Commander Giuseppe Conte and the clash with the Democrats, who would have asked the Progressive Front allies not to vote on the single rule, contained in Article 13, instead. By not voting on the whole measure.

In any case, the government went to the extreme and approved the new Aid and Energy Ordinance. “The decree that we present this evening attests toGovernment commitment to support families, especially the weakest, to support businessesFirst show begins Mario Draghi Presented at the press conference. In the climate of great uncertainty that exists, “the government does everything in its power to be able to give a sense of direction and closeness to all Italians. The actions and decisions of today well represent the determination of the government and the sense of the government itself.”

14 billion decrees

“A very complex procedure, because it extends to many areas,” the main objective of which is to defend the purchasing power of families, especially the weaker ones, and the productive capacity of companies. Uncertainty is still very strong, so the government intends to “do everything necessary.”

The new procedures that have been set are valid 14 billion, added to 15.5 billion from previous actions. For a total of about 30 billion has already been spent, which equates to about two percentage points of GDP.

everyone Without resorting to budget differences. And this – explains Draghi – is achieved by increasing the tax on extraordinary profits for energy companies, which they have collected in recent months. Which Draghi continues, “shows that, as we have said many times, it is not just the tools that are important, but the response to needs and wants. In other words, it is important to indicate what the interventions require, and how to achieve this, there will be a matter to be decided from time to time” .

Cost of living and inflation

Measures address first and foremost a problem High living expenses, which punishes citizens and can certainly slow down recovery. in April Inflation rate was 6.2%, with a slight decrease compared to March but still at the highest levels in the last 30 years. Inflation, as Draghi points out, that It largely depends on the huge rise in energy prices. If we make an exception, the inflation rate is 2.9%. Always high, always higher, but well below the levels we see today.”

What does this mean? The Prime Minister continues that these are temporary situations, and therefore must be addressed with exceptional tools. “Without this action on our part, these temporary conditions end up weakening the economy, increasing poverty and then creating permanent conditions of economic weakness and poverty.”

As Draghi remembers it The government has already allocated $20 billion to support the economy and families. The economy is currently going through a slowdown phase, in the first quarter there was -0.2% compared to the previous quarter, when the economy increased by 0.7%,” It’s a slowdown right now, not a recession. Now we’ll see how the next few months go.”

Resuming work: Positive data on employment

However, what needs to be done – continues the CEO – is to actually record some data on the labor market released today: it shows how In March, there were 800,000 more employees than last year. The Italy’s employment rate is now close to 60%and the The highest level since the beginning of the Italian historical series. The unemployment rate fell to 8.3% in March. The data described by the Prime Minister as “positive”.

In the past month, there is also a file A strong sign of recovery in permanent work: There were an additional 122 thousand workers, of whom 103 thousand were on permanent contracts and 19 thousand were workers on temporary contracts.

“I do not want to overemphasize this news, it certainly comes at a time when most economic diagnoses are more pessimistic, where forecasts by all international institutes show a slowdown, and there is talk of the risk of recession. On the other hand, the risks that we observe – those that result from First about inflation, which can dampen consumption, then from war and uncertainty due to war and sanctions – to suggest a positive. However, it is important to record these positive, very positive and unexpected data in this context.”

Environmental and renewable transformation

With this new decree, “We agree Numerous liberalizations, important reforms in the renewable energy sector.

The reforms and the liberalization or simplification that should allow, in the intentions of Palazzo Chigi, to Accelerate Environmental Transformation“To make this step in investments, in renewables that will certainly contribute to making us more independent of Russian gas,” the Prime Minister explained.

The government wants to look beyond this emergency phase: that is why it has also decided on simplification and liberalization measures that are the “key way” to be able to make significant investments in renewables. Draghi is explicitly referring, as expected, to Russian gas. The government’s strategy is to free itself as quickly as possible, and “the progress that has been made in recent months is extraordinary,” he said.

Helping families

But what are these procedures? Or not Renewing the consumption tax on gasoline and diesel for another two months And For another 3 months is the social reward for the less wealthy, “which is still protected from rising energy prices.” In the last decree, the share of social bonuses has already been extended to 5.2 million families, and, accordingly, they still enjoy protection.

But the big news is that the government is giving the green light for an important measure to support the entry of 28 million Italians, including retirees, employees and even the self-employed. to me Retirees and employees which have Income up to 35 thousand euros there will be Equal bonus for all 200 eurosTherefore, a measure that helps families and limits the risk of increased inflation.

Corporate Help

Then they come Tax breaks for companies with greater gas and electricity intensity have been extendedthey are coming Adjusting prices in purchase contracts To reflect the increase in the cost of raw materials and therefore up to 90% of the price increase is covered. And Draghi explains that the fact that the increase in the cost of raw materials is covered makes it possible to maintain all the construction sites opened with PNRR, but not only, so that they can continue to operate, and therefore to hire people.

and then, A fund is created for companies that have suffered the most from war damage and leave me Refreshments for local authorities for the costs they face.

Decked out in 5 points

In short, the decree aims to once again counter the effects of the political and military crisis in Ukraine, strengthen the available tools and create new ones, paying special attention to these areas:

  • Energywith measures to reduce cost, simplify licensing procedures for building new plants and boost national energy production (all energy aid here)
  • Businesswith measures to ensure liquidity for companies affected by the war in Ukraine, to counteract rising prices for raw materials and building materials, to ensure productivity and attract investment;
  • Labor, social policies and services to citizenswith measures for workers and pensioners against inflation, as well as for individuals, local public transport, rentals, and digital services;
  • regional bodieswith measures to support regions, provinces and municipalities and to promote investments;
  • Reception and economic supportwith measures taken for the benefit of fleeing people and for their welcome in Italy, and for the benefit of the Ukrainian government.

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