Ashes of Creation says no to NFT, news about Alpha 2

valiant studios Back to talk about developments ashes of creationfor them An ambitious open world MMORPG that will offer dynamic PvE events, seasonal events, and a point of interest system.

Creative Director Stephen Sharif said there There will be a variety of events in the world: from the appearance of a classic NPC to weather events, to the sprout of precious resources. To better describe the dynamic of this mechanic, give an example of a small group of orcs circling the map: if no one does anything to take them down, their settlement will continue to grow by increasing their number. This will not only lead to more attacks on the players in the area, but also a direct attack on the map node.

Points of interest system is associated with open world events that can also give life PvP Battle Arena. Players will be warned that there is a point of interest nearby – this could mean spawning a small boss to defeat or mount up to retrieve it. Everyone in the area will know that there are some prizes to grab, and to win them you have to be ready to fight.

On the other hand, seasonal events are based on replenishment, which means that they may not regenerate at the same points or with the same frequency, prompting players to explore more for their research.

Talking aboutAlpha 2, which is expected to start later this year, the developers have stated that there will be a lot of changes and improvements to the collecting and crafting systems, which will generally be closer to their full form, while last year’s Alpha One. The game mechanics were still in an embryonic state.

As for the NFT entry in the title, the company wanted to make its thinking on the subject clear. In response to a user’s question on Reddit, one of the developers wrote:

To be really clear, We are not planning to own NFTs in Ashes of Creation or any other “play to win” mechanics..

In addition, some requests from the community have been met such as more options for character creation and the development of new combat prototypes, including new animations.

We remind you that Ashes of Creation will be translated into Italian and will be moved toUnreal Engine 5. Currently there are many information and characteristics shared by the developers of the game, such as world biomes, tank view, wizard and his spells, Cleric and his skills, PvP and caravan system. Do not forget about those in the combat system and castle sieges, dungeons and the collecting system, as well as on water stands.

we are from We’ve got the latest Alpha One released this summer, so you can catch up on the stream if you want to see some gameplay. Finally, if you’d like to stay updated on Ashes of Creation, we invite you to join our dedicated Facebook group. Below is a video showing the gameplay of the title in Unreal Engine 5.

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