Bachelor’s degree in Navigational Science and Technology

The three-year course in Navigational Science and Technology is part of the L-28 class. Do you want to know more? Read our guide!

there Graduation Class L-28 It is a three-year course of study awarded at the end of it Bachelor’s degree in Navigational Science and Technology. Those intending to enroll on this course must possess basic skills in logistics management, navigation safety and onshore facilities, as well as be able to work in teams and work in marine, land, air and astronautical application areas in surveying, hydrography, oceanography and meteorology.

Obviously, members must have the extension Basic knowledge Mathematics, physics, chemistry, computer science, disciplinary and research methods acquisition. If you want to know more about the degree in Navigation Science and Technology and the possibilities of pursuing courses in Italian universities, keep reading our guide.

L-28 in Italian universities

Semester Certificate Course L-28 Navigation Science and Technology It is available in both public universities and in remote universitieswhich we will discuss in detail later.

In addition to the above disciplines, among the Basic skills We find geological and geophysical subjects (among them geography, geology, geophysics, oceanography and atmospheric physics) and engineering field subjects (among them hydraulic and marine constructions, hydrology, transportation, topography and cartography, aeronautical mechanics, science, materials technology and communications).

In the case of public universities, the most important universities that offer this course are:

  • Bari University
  • University of Naples “Parthenope”
  • University of Messina

Now let’s understand which ones Alternatives are available in remote universities.

Navigational science and technology In remote universities

The only online university that offers a class-related degree course L-28 Navigation Science and Technology It is Giustino Fortunato Telematic University

UniFfortato offers a course Online Bachelor of Transportation Science and Technology (L-28) With three different specializations:

  • Air transport
  • Road transport
  • Flight Crew License

There are many Course Advantages Online degree in transportation sciences, starting with teaching done exclusively on distanceExaminations and graduation sessions that take place in person are excluded from this. To solve the problem of relocation, each online university has chosen a series of branches scattered throughout the Italian territory. Furthermore it Online platform Unifucky is very simple and with a simple click you can access all the content, video lessons, notes and even chats with teachers and tutors.

Without forgetting that the degree obtained in a distance university is Equivalent To that issued by a public university and thus gives the same opportunities for job opportunities and participation in public competitions. In the following paragraphs, we will analyze each professional ports From this course of study as well as the possibility to participate in competitions.

Navigational science and technology: What are the job opportunities?

Those who choose to pursue a course of study L-28 online navigation science and technology has many career opportunities Available:

  • Commander, Flight Attendant, Airplane Pilot
  • Flight controller and air traffic technician
  • Aviation Services Operator
  • road transport technician

Some of these occupations are required (such as those of a commander, pilot, or flight attendant) integrative paths which are provided by schools and bodies designated by law. Not only. Graduates on this course can work in the fields of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, Surveying, Oceanography, and Meteorology, as well as for port and airport safety purposes.

L-28: What can be taught?

With a bachelor’s degree in Navigational science and technology What can be taught? The three-year qualification alone does not give access to general competitions for teaching, but a master’s or specialist qualification is required. For this reason, you can teach in the L-28 category, but in addition to the 180 CFU (university teaching credits) earned in the three-year period, another 120 CFU from the two-year Master’s or Specialist period is required.

there Normal continuation of the training course It consists of an LM-72 master’s degree course in Navigational Science and Technology.

So with the L-28 class it is You can access the following competition categories (After obtaining the specialist qualification):

  • A-20 – Physics
  • A -27 – Mathematics and Physics
  • A -28 – Mathematics and Science
  • A -33 Aviation science and technology
  • A-36 – Logistics Science and Technology
  • A -39 Shipbuilding science and technology
  • A-41 Information sciences and technology
  • A -43 Marine sciences and technology
  • A -60 Technology in middle school

Once you pass the selected competition, you will get qualification To teach in the following secondary schools:

  • High school
  • Technical Institutes
  • professional institutes

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