Energy and Investment Decree, Confcommercio: “Interventions are necessary and expected but not yet sufficient”

(Teleborsa) – “Important measures from the government to strengthen our country’s gas-to-gas regasification capacity and encourage diversification of supplies, also through temporary reactivation of coal-fired plants. The rules aimed at simplifying the construction and modernization of plants are also good. To produce energy from renewable energy sources. power lines and strategic energy assets, as well as those extending extraordinary reductions in fuel tax fees, in the face of the continuing effects of the energy emergency Credit tax forecast in favor of road transport versus expensive diesel and reduced implementation of a value-added tax to 5% for natural gas for transport “. Comment like this Confcommercio, On a note, the Measures approved by the Cabinet last night.

“Necessary and foreseeable interventions, those launched by the Cabinet, but – assures Confcommercio – are not yet sufficient to adequately mitigate the impact of increases in energy and fuel prices. In particular they should be further strengthened and made more inclusive also for the benefit of exhibitors of the arts and professions Measures targeting companies not included in the traditional “energy-intensive” and “gases” categories. In any case, a comprehensive overhaul of general system costs and energy taxes is still needed, as well as a structural reduction in the tax burden on the transport and logistics sector. Under normal circumstances, in fact, theProduction tax on Italian diesel It is the highest in Europe and therefore the next European reorganization measures, such as the Fit for 55 package, should be an opportunity to reduce this competitive deficit and certainly not exacerbate it.”

also in terms of Credit and business incentives Confcommercio highlights the need to provide more precise interventions. Support measures for companies directly affected in their exchanges with Russia and Ukraine are good, but – the note continues – it must be taken into account that the consequences of the crisis affect a much wider range of business activities.

For Confcommercio, if the increase in the tax credit for investments in intangible assets 4.0 is to be evaluated favorably, more needs to be done, particularly to strengthen tools to support corporate liquidity. “The exceptional safeguards system associated with Interventions of the Small and Medium Enterprises Guarantee Fund and Sace, Also with regard to existing loan restructuring instruments, in order to favor the lengthening of amortization plans and the softening of the time horizon for the costs borne by companies. With the aim of allowing effective financial sustainability of companies, it is also necessary to revitalize the so-called postponement of bank debt payments, At the same time, restoring the areas of greater flexibility that the European Banking Authority grants to banks in handling exposures subject to suspension.”

For pensioners, employees and the self-employed with an income of up to 35 thousand euros, a bonus of 200 euros is then offered. “But – concludes Confcommercio – they still are Necessary and urgent actions to reduce the tax wedge and contribute to labor costs, as well as tax exemption for contractual increases. Finally, the effect of using the supply chain tax increase on the so-called “incremental profits” of energy companies must be carefully evaluated.

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