Energy plan, new government measures

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine, in addition to causing deep pain and uncertainty about the future, has undermined already difficult economic and environmental balances in many countries. Rising raw material prices, uncertainty in economic markets, fear of gas shortages, rising inflation and rising bills that put households and businesses in crisis have a strong impact on the gradual reduction of fossil fuel use and the energy transition also created in the wake of The Group of Twenty in Rome.

This is the situation that the government decided to deal with Aid and Energy Decree It was approved on May 2.

“In the climate of great uncertainty that exists, the government is doing everything in its power to be able to give a sense of direction and proximity to all Italians and actions, and today’s decisions well represent this determination of the government. In a sense, it is the sense of the government itself,” Prime Minister Mario Draghi said in Explanation of the drawing.

Since independence from Gas Russian Federation to simplify the procedure for the construction of power plants from Renewable energysee the most prominent new features Energy Decree.

Independence from Russian gas

Among the most important points dealt with by the new decree on energy, we find the situation in Gas Coming from Russia, regarding “the government’s strategy is to liberate itself as quickly as possible.”

As Environmental Transformation Minister Roberto Singolani stated during the press conference after the Cabinet, “The primary goal is to be able to find sources of Gas Which will allow us in a relatively quick time, in the end, to replace the 29 billion cubic meters that are imported from Russia. ”

In fact, the main source of gas supply is Russia, from which we imported 30 billion cubic meters of gas in 2021 alone.

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Thus, the strategy to confront and reduce energy dependence is mainly based on three basic principles:

  • Continue to diversify supplies and increase Gas that arrive in Italy via gas pipelines – for example only from Algeria in three years there will be an increase in Gas 9 billion cubic meters were imported
  • increase quantity Gas The matter arriving in Italy by ship – “Thanks to the agreements with Algeria, Angola, Congo and Qatar Gas Singolani said that the imported liquefied product will rise by 1.5 billion cubic meters this year to reach 12.7 billion cubic meters in the second half of 2024.
  • focus on Renewable energy And on the savings side – growth Renewable energy It provides us with 7 billion cubic meters of Gas Until 2025, while other saving measures, such as controlling local temperatures or developing biofuels, allow us to cut 2.5 billion cubic meters this year and reach more than 10 billion cubic meters in 2025.

In the decreeMoreover, we also find a very important rule regarding regasification devices: “In order to enhance national energy security and diversify sources of supply, actions aimed at increasing the national gas-to-gas regasification capacity constitute interventions of public interest, which cannot be postponed and urgent. For the speedy completion of these works, one or more exceptional government commissioners will be appointed.” In fact, liquid natural gas (LNG) must be processed in regasification devices in order to be injected into the pipeline network. Thus, two floating regasification devices will be installed to increase our country’s gas-to-gas regasification capacity, one by the beginning of next year, the first and the other at the end of 2023.

Coal-fired power plants

to free yourself from Gas Russian, there is another important point related to coal. With the new decree-law, it was decided that 4 power plants a coal that have been disposed of – namely Brindisi, Civitavecchia (RM), Fozina (VE) and Monfalcone (GO) – will be brought back to full capacity, allowing us to save 3.5 billion cubic meters of Gas, for a maximum of 12/24 months. Increasing production from fossil sources through the use of power plants a coalTherefore, it is a temporary measure that is not intended to abandon the decarbonization pathway, once the emergency has ceased.

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In this regard, Minister Singolani said: “They will emit more carbon dioxide, but in the meantime we will speed up the use of renewable energy sources so much that these emissions will soon be offset. In any case it remains a temporary measure ».

Renewable energy

Finally, with this new decree, “many significant liberalizations and reforms in the Renewable energyWhich should allow, in accordance with the intentions of Palazzo Chigi, to accelerate the ecological transition and “take this step in investments in renewable energy sources that will certainly contribute to making us more independent of Gas Russian Prime Minister Mario Draghi explains.

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Therefore, the government wants to look beyond this emergency phase. Thus, more areas suitable for the installation of power plants from . have been identified Renewable energy The procedures for building factories have also been simplified. Measures have also been introduced to boost the production of renewable energy for the agricultural sector and to simplify licensing procedures to modernize existing power lines.

“Despite the war in Ukraine, we are determined to pursue the goal we have set ourselves: a 55% reduction in emissions. Gas greenhouse by 2030. And as written in the NRP, to ensure that in the same year 72% of electricity is produced by Renewable energyCingulani concludes.

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