Ethereum (ETH) at $3800? Three sides to remember

The differences and recoveries that appeared yesterday and in the early hours of May 3, 2022, led experts and analysts to question the possibility and hypothetical Ethereum (ETH) at $3800. It is certainly a very ambitious goal, but it has already been achieved in the past by ETH.

In a delicate cost context, estimating potential target prices is always very complex even for professionals in this sector. What can be expected from the second most capitalized cryptocurrency in the world? One aspect that certainly cannot be overlooked is the token’s association with the reference ecosystem.

Whatever people say, the ethereum technology It is still one of the most used segments in the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector and in building dApps. Aspects that were not reflected, however, in this first quarter of 2022, given the failure to achieve the new ATH, i.e. new maximum points.

We will have the opportunity to delve into in detail the monthly and very short term variations, not before reminding you of how Ethereum itself is available on the Licensed and Regulated PlatformsLike eToro: Professional broker and practical free demo account.

Ethereum (ETH) at $3800? He’s still far from the goal though.

Reconnect to the aforementioned in Ethereum (ETH) possible at $3800it is good to start from seeing the so-called historical data, first over a longer time horizon (ie 30 days) and then over a very short time horizon.

Going into the details, laying out a 30-day chart on the main information sites in the sector, it is possible to see one of them A decrease in the value of Ethereum equal to about 23%. Last month, the cryptocurrency’s lowest point was around $2,714 per unit.

The value that certainly does not represent a historical low pointHowever, it is still far from the highs that the cryptocurrency is accustomed to at the end of 2021. Anyway, focusing on the past two weeks, it is possible to recall how the ETH token was traded on April 21st at A share is worth approximately $3,167.

Beyond that, though Tutor $3800 It is possible that $4,000 is still a long way off, it is possible to underline 3 aspects about ETH to consider:

  1. Its superiority in the crypto market under the side of capitalization (although majority dominance is still in the hands of Bitcoin);
  2. Ethereum Technology Uses to build new projects (an aspect that still makes Ethereum a functional ecosystem, with real tangibility, but above all widely used in many sectors);
  3. Move to PoSwhich will lead to the cryptocurrency becoming primarily greener than it has been in the past (an aspect much appreciated by enthusiasts of the sector) and secondly more efficient in terms of speed, as well as costs within the network.

Final notes

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