FUD on Tether, Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency!

The May 2 We have been in Wave With Paolo ArduinoAnd CTO from Rope And Bitfinex. interview by 1 hour Through which I had the honor of addressing many hot topics with one of the prominent figures in the ecosystem.

stablecoinwhich for some time now rhymes with Food and on which pee enlighten us, and a lot of the inner workings of Rope (and the consistency of his reservations), both with regard to the conduct of the competition.

Fud, Crypto and Tether – Our Interview with Paolo Arduino

Clear words – and certainly necessary for the sector – to understand where certain criticisms come from and why they might be dangerous >> adjective sector, especially when it is provoked by powerful factions that have a certain influence on the media. But let’s start in order, starting from the end of our interview with Paolo Arduino.

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FOOD: Causes, reasons, clarity – that’s what we talked about

One of the topics of our interview in particular was Foodthe English abbreviation for Fear, uncertainty and doubtthat’s by saying afraidAnd suspicionAnd doubt. Malicious communication strategies that aim, verbally and unspoken, to first create suspicion and then panic. A question that has always been parallel to the question of cryptocurrencies, who stablecoin Based on Bitcoin and on which Paolo Arduino It closed, in our opinion, brilliantly.

Close Paolo Arduino

Last but not least, when you hear about FUD, you always think as Latins used to say “cui prodest?” And therefore who “benefits” from this fear, do not immediately believe everything and do your research. Both in the case of blockchain use by potential harmful agents and in relation to Tether.

Powerful words, which we find quite in line with, is something we can attest to through daily activity to let everyone know how certain systems work, providing the clarity needed for everyone to understand even who can lead certain media campaigns. However, that wasn’t the only topic we dealt with in the topic Food With pee. And many of the issues that we were able to clarify will certainly be of interest to the audience that follows us. Let’s go now, really in order.

Space to discuss the competition as well

With a more than balanced attitude, especially with regard to Arithmetic stablecoinsProbably Earth’s moon As an ecosystem is the most original expression. Yes, I am a competitor to RopeYou still have a long way to go in terms of capitalization, but it won’t yet be in that critical mass of capitalization capable of creating major problems in the markets if fail from the project.

Then the conversation differs with regard to the world of regulators. Because interfering with these facts would be very difficult.

Regarding the fact that it is decentralized, our view is that as long as someone decides the size of the reserves (and also puts money in them to support the project, in these ways) it will be very difficult to talk about it true decentralization.

Tether reserves USDT

It was one of the topics hot In the crypto world for years and now, despite some very important steps forward – often by Rope Of his own free will – continue to fuel the debate about the most important stablecoin by market capitalization.

Like Paolo Arduino I have to say somewhere else, I commercial paper The company’s holdings are decreasing. And anyway, we also add to our topic, which is financial instruments Which is issued – as also mentioned pee In the video – from Highly rated company Hence it is very safe.

Plus it’s loans In the very short term Thus it carries less risk than classic debt, possibly for several years. This is also attested by the only true risk thermometer in financial markets, which is Applicable interest rate. In case commercial paper These are very low interest rates, since they are products cash like Or roughly, that’s as liquid and safe as cash.

Tether and Russia: the question of sanctions

also RopeAlbeit marginally, the press and unfortunately some participated in it actors From the institutional world into the mud machine that started from Penalties Imposed on the Russian oligarchs and people close to them immediately.

Paolo Arduino Confirmed what we already knew, but it’s always a good thing to remind the general public: Rope implement rules know your customer And AML Very strict and fully compliant with the provisions of the banks with the most restrictive rules globally.

Which everyone can check on the official website of Rope Attempt coinage. There is no room to work anonymously. As mentioned CTO Leave no room for any doubt. Rope It is a central fact. Gossip, as others do, about decentralization when there is none, without hiding. props For transparency also in this case.

Pay attention to the origin of FUD

Without getting into a small plot, it should still be clear to everyone. Many offensive campaigns as much as a Rope As for the rest of the industry they are actually not matchingfor very specific purposes and obvious advantages for some actors.

to wonder Broadst Coy? how did Paolo Arduino In our interview, or rather in conclusion, it is always an excellent starting point for understanding who and what is in front of us.

All this while the markets continue in a sideways phase awaiting Federal Open Market Committee tomorrow. Expect volatility and this can make very short-term traders laugh. With Capital.comGo here for a free and unlimited demo account – broker with MetaTrader 4 And TradingView and with a Web Trader The interior that presents the top for technical analysis.

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