Giovanni Soldini: “Renewable energy and efficiency. On energy we follow the lesson of the sailing boat “(by M. Garofalo)

His face in the sun and his hands big, Giovanni Soldini, born 1966, 20 years of racing, more than 40 races across the ocean behind him, winner of the Italian and Naval Medal of Merit, the French Legion of Honor, two solo tours of the world, always caring for the environment. We met him in Milan during Sea on Words – Dawn of Wordsthe exhibition he promoted Roberto Ricci Designs which has started since 2016 a reissue project of wonderful sea classics that are reprinted in limited editions, which are then donated to clients to spread the culture of protecting and protecting the sea.

I have worked extensively on the image and defense of nature. Before the pandemic, the war now appears to have removed environmental issues from the public’s attention.

In fact, the problems still exist, and the solutions too. What bothers me at this historical moment are the methods. The Like Continuing to discuss the energy crisis using old solutions that, as we know, are useless. The idea of ​​going back to nuclear power, for example: apart from very long periods of time, to talk about restoring nuclear power plants at a moment like this, of total geopolitical instability, sounds really crazy to me. Instead, in Italy there is a huge gap to be filled on the alternative energy front: we have started building wind farms, both offshore and inland. I think of Germany which has blades floating near the coast and at sea. In addition to wind energy, we can invest in solar photovoltaic cells. If you build infrastructure, you will get free clean energy, and at low prices, that will also allow us to get out of the game of geopolitics or external influences.”

Among the mythical figures associated with the sea, Joshua Slocum was one of the founding fathers of solo sailing, so what remains of this concept of exploration today?

Slocum went on to discover the virgin regions of the planet, which no longer exist today. But in my opinion, what remains of that spirit is man’s desire for discovery, the freedom to be independent. Slocum recovered the dumped boat and put it back in place just to fulfill his dream and passion. He and Bernard Moissier (who was the first to circumnavigate the world without stopping so) are the two most important and important personalities of the last century in the world of sailing.”

What is your dream today?

“I have a lot, which I still want to achieve, to try to improve. We have done regattas, and with the other crews we will continue to challenge each other, all over the world: now for example I have an ocean race in the pipeline, a regatta in the sea area The Caribbean, and another in Madeira.”

What do we need to recover from in our daily lives to reduce our impact on the planet?

“The boat is a small world, it has the same problems we have in everyday life. Let’s think about transportation. If you have to go to the other side of the world by boat, you have a huge energy problem and you don’t leave with a tanker, you need water on the boat, and you have to be As independent as possible.This is why I adore renewables, even in the future Maserati 470 (With this boat, Soldini set and broke many records soWe have implemented renewable solutions such as solar panels. We also tried installing wind turbines, but we found that they cause problems Air deflection A form of friction that causes a boat to slow down. However, we will try to put a small system on a boat that already works. In short, the only difference I see is that the obligations derived from physics at sea are much more straightforward. But the solutions applied on the mainland are the same: the use of alternative energies, excessive attention to consumption and, in short, knowing how to manage energy use.”

What is the state of the sea after Covid-19, for example, with plastic?

“The situation is bad. Plastic, which was designed in the 1950s to produce goods that last, has seen a huge increase in its production. We are starting to use a material that was born to last as a one-time use. This plastic is spreading in the sea everywhere. Another aspect that exacerbates the conditions of the seas is fishing Intensive, unreasonable exploitation is increasing. There is no decent resource management design. However, environmental awareness is increasing, things are moving slowly, Italy has banned the use of cotton buds that have invaded waters and coasts, Europe has started saying no to plastic bags. However, we need To hurry up: we don’t have many years before we find ourselves a lifeless sea.”

The boat is a technical profession, so what are the qualities that serve you? Which ones would you like to improve?

“I have always been very involved in setting up the boats, I am technically prepared, I know how they are built, and I think I was fortunate to have been born in an age when everything was the same: I remember taking my first tour of the world without a phone, listening to the weather on the radio, and it wasn’t There is a computer, and that gave me a huge advantage because you have a diverse and diverse culture. I must improve my ability to interact with modernity. On board a Maserati, we have 16 IP addresses that manage data that indicates the movements of the boat, or give us the real wind angle. I learned today To trust this data, but not to give up on the analog part of me, which is still the most important. ”

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